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Crickets as a sustainable protein power - via Detroit News

Date: 4/2/2015

Cricket flour — which is not really a flour, but a powder made of pulverized organic crickets — is growing in popularity as a sustainable way to deliver protein. It’s used in baked goods, power bars and protein shakes. On Tuesday, students from Wayne State University’s Anthropology Department will host a cricket flour bake-off at Detroit Farm and Garden, 1759 21st in Detroit. A panel of local food experts will judge the snacks, and the public is invited to come and have a taste. Assistant Professor Julie Lesnik has asked her students to create sweet treats using cricket flower to shed light on the importance of the cultural significance of food. “It’s just part of our way of exploring the potential of insects as food,” she says. “We don’t identify them as food here, but it’s food all over the world for millions of people. It’s been utilized over the entirety of human evolution.” Besides it being totally normal to eat crickets in other parts of the world, Lesnik says it’s a more sustainable and ethical way to consume protein than traditional animals such as cows, pigs and chickens.

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