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    Cultural Anthropology
    Cultural anthropologists in the Department maintain both a strong urban presence and a global reach in their respective research activities.
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    Physical Anthropology
    Physical Anthropology is the study of the biology of humans and non-human primates.
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    Archaeology is the branch of Anthropology that studies the history of human societies through their material remains.
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    Medical Anthropology
    The Medical Anthropology Program at Wayne State University draws on its setting in Detroit to combine attention to health and the city, both locally and globally.
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    Linguistic Anthropology
    Linguistic anthropology examines the relationship between language and nonlinguistic aspects of culture.
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Welcome to Anthropology

Anthropology is the science of humanity, examining human life and variation in the different forms in which they are found. Anthropology considers the variety of customs, languages, and civilizations that make up humanity. Uniting diverse sciences such as biology and geology, with humanistic endeavors such as religious studies, philosophy, and history. Anthropology has often been called the most scientific of the humanities and the most humanistic of the scientific disciplines.