New Minor in Archaeology! Beginning in Fall 2018


New Minor in Archaeology!

Beginning Fall 2018

Open to all Wayne State University undergraduate students except Anthropology majors



Archaeology is the study of past human cultures through material remains; it is one of the sub-fields of the discipline of Anthropology.  The minor in archaeology will introduce particular skill sets, concepts, and competencies to students who wish to apply them to their expertise in other disciplines. The minor will also be relevant for students who intend to explore the many career trajectories associated with archaeology upon graduation (e.g., heritage, museums, preservation, cultural property law, urban planning, cultural resource management, public programming, education)


Skill sets developed by Archaeology students are transferable to careers in professional archaeology and in a range of other fields, including international studies, cultural heritage and preservation, museums, cultural ecology, education, and spatial and material analyses. The target audience for the Archaeology minor is undergraduate students majoring in the following fields / topics: Biology, Chemistry, Education, Geology, History, Physics, Public Policy, Pre-Law, Sociology, Classical and Modern Languages, among others.


Curriculum for Minor in Archaeology


2 Required courses: ANT2100 Introduction to Anthropology (3 credits) & ANT3020 Introduction to Archaeology  (3 credits)

4 Elective courses. Courses must be chosen from the list below. At least one of the elective courses in ANT must be at the 5000-level. Students may take one approved elective course from another department (total of 12-13 credits)


Elective courses for the Archaeology Minor:

ANT2500: Archaeology of the Great Lakes (offered every-other year)

ANT2666: Fantastic Archaeology: Frauds, Myths and Mysteries

ANT3200: Lost Cities and Ancient Civilizations (Gen-Ed; offered every semester)

ANT3220: The Inca and their Ancestors (offered every other year)

ANT3530: Native Americans

ANT5270: Concepts and Techniques in Archaeology (offered every year)

ANT5280: Field Work in Archaeology of the Americas (offered every other year)

ANT5500: Historical Archaeology (offered every other year)

ANT5510: Pre-Columbian and Mesoamerican Civilization

ANT5565: Urban Archaeology

One of the following classes may be applied to the 4-course Elective requirement for the Archaeology Minor*:

GPH3600: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

HIS 3650: History of Detroit

HIS 3995: Digital History

NE 2000: Introduction to Islamic Civilizations of the Near East

GKM 3590: Byzantine Civilization

GEL 3650: Field Geology

GEL 3400: Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

GEL 4200: Geomorphology

GEL 5210: Applied Geophysics

CHM: 1220: General Chemistry I

CHM 1240: Organic Chemistry I

BIO 2870: Anatomy and Physiology

BIO 3500: Ecology and the Environment

BIO 3800: Botany

PHY 2170: University Physics for Scientists   *Other courses may also be considered to satisfy this requirement

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New Minor in Archaeology! Beginning in Fall 2018 5/2/2018
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