Business and Organizational Anthropology Research 

Wayne State University’s anthropology department is home to the oldest business and organizational anthropology program in the US and is the only institution offering both MA and Ph.D. degrees in anthropology with a specialization in business and organizational anthropology. Detroit’s large industrial base and its revitalization movement with numerous innovative entrepreneurial activities as well as grassroots initiatives make WSU’s business and organizational anthropology program an exciting place to explore and pursue an increasingly demanding field of expertise in the globalization era.

Current Research:

Anthropologists at Wayne State are currently involved in a number of research projects related to business and organizational anthropology.

  • New World Mobilities | Prof. Batteau
  • Technological Peripheries | Prof. Batteau
  • Dragon in the Cockpit | Prof. Batteau (with Jing Hung Sying)
  • The Cultural Politics of Food: Wine Production, Agricultural Development, and Transnational Governance in post-socialist Bulgaria | Prof. Jung
  • Food Justice and Corporate Social Responsibility in Detroit | Prof. Jung


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