Cultural Anthropology

The faculty members that comprise the Department's core emphasis in cultural anthropology are Guerin Montilus, Barry Lyons, and Andrew Newman.  The medical and business, organizational and industrial concentrations are also staffed by cultural anthropologists (Allen Batteau, Yuson Jung, Todd Meyers, and Andrea Sankar) who advise students and teach courses in programmatic areas of cultural anthropology as well as the cultural core.  Linguistic anthropology faculty (Stephen Chrisomalis) provide important perspectives for cultural anthropologists and also is a key element of the Department's basic teaching and research structure.  In addition to the medical and business, organizational and industrial concentrations, topical areas in cultural anthropology in which the Department is particularly strong include religion, urban anthropology, and economic anthropology.  Theory, methods and area courses in cultural anthropology are core requirements for both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Cultural anthropologists in the Department maintain both a strong urban presence and a global reach in their respective research activities.  All of our graduate students perform local fieldwork as part of their training in research methods, and many go on to write master's essays, theses or doctoral dissertations on Detroit or southeastern Michigan, while others conduct doctoral research in other areas of the United States and abroad.

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