The Department of Anthropology seeks applicants for part-time faculty to teach courses (see list below). Candidates must be prepared to teach off-campus and possess a Ph.D. or ABD level.  The faculty member must meet classes, hold regular office hours, assist students with classroom problems, and complete grading requirements in accordance with Wayne State University standards.   Applicants should submit a letter of interest and their curriculum vita. Send to Susan Villerot, Academic Services Officer, Department of Anthropology, 3041 Faculty/Administration Building, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202.  Wayne State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.  

Please see the Guide for Anthropology Instructors for some helpful information on teaching in our department.

ANT 2100
Introductory Anthropology
PhD or ABD status in Anthropology
ANT 2110
Introduction to Physical Anthropology
Expertise in physical, biological, and/or forensic anthropology required
ANT 3100
World Cultures
Expertise in cross-cultural studies, ethnography, cultural anthropology
ANT 3110
Detroit Area Minorities
Cultural anthropology, ethnicity and race studies, urban anthropology
ANT 3150
Anthropology of Business
Business and organizational anthropology background, cultural anthropology
ANT 3200
Lost Cities and Ancient Civilizations
Expertise in anthropological archaeology. Evidence of past teaching experience for similar course. Some field and or lab experience preferred. Recommendations
ANT 3520
Understanding Africa
Cultural anthropology and African Studies,
ANT 5210
Anthropological Methods
Ethnography, qualitative and mixed methods, expertise
ANT 5270
Introduction To Archaeology
Expertise in archaeological method and theory at graduate level. Evidence of past teaching of similar course. Field and lab experience in archaeology.
ANT 5310
Language And Culture
Expertise in linguistic anthropology.
ANT 5320
Languate and Societies
Expertise in linguistic anthropology.
ANT 5370
Magic Religion and Science
Cultural anthropology, expertise in course content area
ANT 5380
History Of Anthropology
Cultural anthropology, expertise in course content area
ANT 5700
Applied Anthropology
Cultural anthropology, applied anthropology, experience in practicing anthropology
ANT 6300
Anthropological Theory 1
Cultural anthropology pre-1965 theory, theory relevant to 4 fields anthropology
ANT 6310
Anthropological Theory 2
Cultural anthropology, post-1965 theory, theory relevant to 4 fields anthropology
ANT 6360
Oral His: Research Methodology
Qualitative methodology, cultural anthropology
ANT 6370
Symbolic Anthropology
Cultural anthropology theory, symbolic anthropology
ANT 6420
Economic Anthropology
Cultural anthropology theory, economic anthropology
ANT 6710
Medical Anthropology: Drug Abuse
Medical anthropology, substance use and abuse research
ANT 7220
Seminar: Survey Research Methods
Qualitative and mixed methods research, quantitative research methods


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