A number of opportunities for student funding are available to anthropology students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. For more information or if you have any questions, contact our academic services officer, Susan Villerot, at svillerot@wayne.edu.

Undergraduate Student Funding

 Graduate Student Funding

The Anthropology Department administers its own internal funding competition each winter. The following awards are available:

  • One or more Rumble Fellowships, covering tuition, stipend, and benefits, with no teaching or service obligations; (PhD students only)
  • Several Graduate Teaching Assistantships, covering tuition, stipend, and benefits, with teaching obligations in the fall and winter semesters; (PhD students only)
  • One Graduate Teaching Assistantship dedicated specifically to work in the Grosscup Museum, and including tuition, stipend, and benefits (MA or PhD students)
  • One or more Barbara Aswad award(s) for graduate travel, directed ordinarily to students pursuing field or language research in the Middle East. (MA or PhD students)

All of these awards, except the Aswad award, require that the recipients do not hold any other concurrent employment. A student may hold a GTAship for a maximum of three years throughout their doctoral studies. Students who do not receive funding but whose funding applications were complete may be placed on a ranked list of alternates in the event that award recipients decline them.

Current graduate students should apply using the form below, and email it electronically, along with a copy of your current curriculum vitae, to Dr. Stephen Chrisomalis chrisomalis@wayne.edu. You should contact your faculty advisor who will separately send a letter of recommendation electronically to Ms.Villerot.

Students who are not currently PhD students but are applying to the PhD program for the coming academic year are automatically considered for the Rumble and GTAships and do not need to apply using this process.

Graduate Professional Scholarships

Another major funding source is the Graduate Professional Scholarship competition, which covers up to ten in-state credit hours of courses in each of the fall and winter semesters for one year. This is a university-wide competition open to both MA and PhD students, with a March application deadline for the following academic year. Information on the GPS competition is available through the Graduate School Scholarships & Financial Aid page.

 Additional Funding Sources 

The department strongly encourages all students, but especially doctoral students, to pursue external funding opportunities (NSF, NIH, SSRC, Wenner-Gren, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.). In order to maximize your opportunities, talk to your advisor or to the Graduate Director.


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