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WSU team wins MiPQ competition

Date: 6/25/2018

Four undergraduate students from WSU received first place honors this year at the second annual Michigan Physiology Quiz (MiPQ), held on June 13th at Michigan Technological University. The competition occurred just prior to the annual Michigan Physiological Society meeting, where WSU students (graduate and undergraduate) also presented their research with oral and poster presentations. This is the second year in a row that the WSU Quiz team has finished first in the competition!

The undergraduate students were aided in their preparation by a team of coaches which included Physiology graduate students and a postdoctoral fellows.  For their help and support, the team would like to thank Cesar Barrabi; Deena Damschroder; Peter Levanovich; Joseph Mannozzi; Gino Panza, PhD, Carthic Rajagopalan; and Kristin Richardson.  The WSU Quiz team was recruited by Dr. Mueller (Physiology-MPS Past President) with the help of Dr. Mark Van Berkum (WSU Biological Sciences).  Dr. Mueller wishes to thank all of the trainees for their hard work and support of the Quiz and Meeting as well as the many WSU Departments and Offices at the School of Medicine and main campus for their continued financial support of the annual MPS meeting. 
If you would like to congratulate the students personally, you can reach them at their emails below:
Miles Bowman; Arianna Davidson; Brianna Schick; 
Zain Waheed