Biological Sciences

Course Syllabi

(Note:  Course syllabi will change from semester to semester.  The course content will remain largely the same but with perhaps different emphases in specific topics.  Students are advised to seek the active syllabus for a course from the active course Blackboard page.)  

Winter 2017 Undergraduate Biology Courses:

     BIO 1030-Biology Today

     BIO 1050-An Introduction to Life

     BIO 1500-Basic Life Diversity

     BIO 1510-Basic Life Mechanisms

     BIO 2200-Introductory to Microbiology

     BIO 2600-Introducation to Cell Biology

     BIO 2870-Anatomny and Physiology

     BIO 3070-Genetics

     BIO 3100-Cellular Biochemistry

     BIO 3200-Human Physiology

     BIO 3800-Botany 

     BIO 4120-(WI)-Comparative Physiology

     BIO 4130-(WI)-General Ecology

     BIO 4200-Evolution

     BIO 4630-Histology

     BIO 5060-Special Topics

     BIO 5490-Population and Community Ecology

     BIO 5610-Structual Embryology

     BIO 5620-Developmental Biology

     BIO 5640-Cancer Biology

     BIO 5750-Biology of Aging

     BIO 6010-Molecular Cell Biology II

     BIO 6060-Molecular Evolution

     BIO 6120-Molecular Biology Laboratory I

     BIO 6160-Proteins and Proteomics

     BIO 6190-Advanced Special Topics

     BIO 6330-Principle and Application of Biotechnology II

     BIO 6994-Technical Communication in Molecular Biotechnology


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