MS Biological Science Program

The MS Biological Sciences program is a research centered degree program.  During the first year, students are trained through formal coursework relevant to their chosen areas of interest.  In the first semester, students also rotate among labs and based on their experience decide on a host lab, generally by the end of that semester.  Gradually the emphasis as measured by time and effort shifts from formal classwork to active laboratory research.  By the end of the second semester or during the first summer, MS BioSci students will have defined a research project.  To recognize this transition and to provide early research mentorship, the following procedures will be followed:

1.  MS BioSci students will form their committee by the end of the first summer.  The committee will minimally be composed of the graduate mentor, and two graduate faculty from the department.

2.  The MS BioSci student will hold committee meetings beginning in the first summer or before, and then minimally on an annual basis.

3.  The graduate mentor will write an annual report, similar to the present PhD student annual report, and submit the report to the department (through the Graduate Officer) by the end of the first summer, and then annually after.

4.  The MS BioSci student will submit a Plan of Work after completing 12 credits.  The Plan of Work will include courses already completed and those that are proposed to be taken.  The choice of the courses must follow departmental requirements and must be selected in consultation with the Advisor.  The form must be approved by the departmental Graduate Officer.

5.  The MS BioSci student will fill out a form by the end of the first summer that describes the projected thesis project.  This form will have a title for the project, the objective and importance, and the outline of the experimental procedure.  The form will follow the College Outline of Masters Thesis Form.  The purpose of the form is analogous to that of the PhD prospectus, although it will not be as detailed or necessarily have preliminary data.  It is a statement of the research plan at or near the beginning of the project.  It is not a contract, and does not restrict changes in research directions as the project progresses.

MS committee form

Plan of work form

Annual report form

CLAS MS thesis form

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