M.A. Curriculum

            To complete an MA in Biological Sciences, a student must complete 32 credit hours of graduate course work (5000 level and above). Within these credit hours, the student must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • 2 credit hours of graduate seminar BIO 8995. (While two credits of graduate seminar are required, it is expected that all graduate students will attend all regularly scheduled departmental seminars.)
  • A minimum of seven graduate BIO classes from the Department of Biological Sciences, Wayne State University (5000 and above)
  • A minimum of six credits at 7000 and above not inclusive of BIO 7996 or BIO 8995
  • A maximum 4 credits of 7996 applicable to degree
  • All non-BIO or non-WSU graduate elective classes must be from a cognate discipline that is biology-related such as from Psychology, Education, Chemistry, Computer Science, the Med School, etc. All such electives must be approved by the Biological Sciences Graduate Officer before registering for the class
  • A Plan of Work must be devised and submitted in the second semester.  Students should consult with the Graduate Officer to devise a Plan of Work.  The Graduate Advisor must approve subsequent changes to the Plan of Work before taking the classes to assure that all degree requirements are fulfilled.
  • Course offerings vary from semester to semester and year to year.  Students are encouraged to meet with the Graduate Officer once a semester to choose classes and to verify that the curriculum meets the degree requirements.


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