Research by Divisions

The research and scholarship efforts of the Department of Biological Sciences at Wayne State University encompass broad ranges of biology, which are administratively organized into three divisions:

  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)
  • Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MMBB)
  • Cellular, Developmental and Neurobiology (CDNB)

Research in EEB addresses all levels of biological organization from the cellular to the landscape scale, with expertise in responses to environmental stress, ecotoxicology, population and community dynamics, population genetics and conservation, invasive species, evolutionary and functional genomics, and developmental evolution. Faculty in MMBB explore problems in viral replication and virulence; social and morphological dynamics in bacteria; regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes at the chromatin, chromosomal and transcriptional levels; and metabolic dynamics driven at the biochemical level of membrane structures. Our CDNB division is invested in projects in aging, cell migration, cancer, intracellular protein transport, exocytosis, neural development and neurological responses to stresses. The numerous interactions between these divisions are centered in the overarching topics of development, regulation of gene structure and function, cell signaling stress response, and ecological stability and disturbance. Model systems such as yeast, Drosophila, Aedes, Oryza, Arabidopsis, E. coli, Tribolium and Caenorabditis are all utilized in various laboratories in the department. Research is not restricted to classic model organisms as studies are also done in species ranging from crickets, milkweed bugs and cave beetles to suckers, mussels, aspen, spinach and Myxococcus. Therefore, students coming into our graduate programs may choose from a wide array of biological disciplines, benefitting from the exposure to research and the expertise of our diverse faculty.

Faculty By Research Divisions   


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Dowling, Thomas
Office#  3105 Life Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-0734

Fan, Chuanzhu
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office#  5107.2 Life Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-6451

Freeman, D. Carl
Office# 243 Life Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-2793

Friedrich, Markus
TitleAssociate Professor 
Office# 3131 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-9612

Golenberg, Edward
TitleAssociate Professor 
Office# 2113 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-2888

Hao, Weilong
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office# 5107.1 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-6450

Kashian, Dan
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office# 3107 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-9093

Kashian, Donna
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office# 3115 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-8052

Popadiæ, Aleksandar
TitleAssociate Professor 
Office# 3119 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-9537

Steiner, Chris
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office# 3121 Biological Sciences Building
Research AreaAquatic Ecology
Phone(313) 577-0728

 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Ansari, Athar
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office# 2115 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-9251

Cunningham, Philip
TitleAssociate Professor 
Office# 4109 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-5029

Greenberg, Miriam
Office# 4178.2 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-5202

Haidong, Gu
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office# 4115 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-6402

Meller, Victoria
TitleAssociate Professor 
Office# 2119 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-3451

Higgs, Penelope
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office# 4121 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-3451

Pile, Lori
TitleAssociatet Professor 
Office# 4111 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-9104
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Schrader, Jared
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office# 2119 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-0736

Sodja, Ann
TitleAssociate Professor 
Office# 3105 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-2908

Cell, Developmental, and Neuro- Biology

Alcedo, Joy
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office# 2109 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-3473

Arking, Robert
Office# 3103 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-2850

Beningo, Karen
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office# 2111 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-6819

 Kenney, Justin
 TitleAssistant Professor 
 Office# 2117 Biological Sciences Building

 Myhr, Karen
 TitleAssistant Professor 
 Office# 2159 Biological Sciences Building
 Phone(313) 577-1483

Njus, David
TitleChair & Professor 
Office# 2125 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-3105
Web Site

Sadagurski, Mariana
TitleAssistant Professor 
Office#iBio building 
Phone(313) 577-8637


Vanberkum, Mark
TitleAssociate Professor 
Office# 3177 Biological Sciences Building
Phone(313) 577-5554



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