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About the masters of science program

The marriage of genetics and molecular biology has given rise to the clusters of techniques which we call by such names as ‘genetic engineering.' The techniques have rapidly become integral parts of modern biomedical and bioagricultural science, and they promise to transform our world.

For the study of basic biological processes, the ability to isolate and amplify a particular gene from the many thousands in an organism's genome and manipulate it in specific ways has altered the nature of the questions researchers ask. Certainly the existence of complete genome sequences for an increasing number of organisms promises to change the manner in which these sciences – and the industries dependent on them – will be practiced in the 21st century.

The biotechnology field offers rewarding career opportunities to individuals with the requisite skills. There is an increasing need for well educated and well trained technical staff people in industry, in academia, and in government laboratories who can help guide increasingly complicated research projects to completion.

The mission of the molecular biotechnology program is to educate and train technically oriented people in recombinant DNA and molecular biological techniques such that they will be able to continuously maintain and update their theoretical knowledge and technical skills in this rapidly changing field.


Hallmarks of the Program

  • Preparation for a career in Biotechnology
  • Preparation to enter a Ph.D. program here or elsewhere
  • An outstanding record of effective education and training in biotechnology: 90% placement rate of graduates into career positions

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