Challenges to peace, including civil conflict in world regions, science and environmental conflict, the use of drones and other technology in warfare, problems of border security in the age of terrorism, and the complexities of human trafficking, have led to a new emphasis on constructive intervention.

Concerns about ethnic tensions, terrorism, border conflict, immigration, weapons flows, alternate security perspectives, and violence at home and abroad create a great need for understanding the circumstances and means by which peace is threatened, reinforced and preserved. On the interpersonal level, issues of abuse, violence and incivility must be addressed.



The Peace and Conflict Studies Co-Major / Minor aims to challenge students to address the problems facing the world today. Students who are pursuing this program can specialize in areas of:


  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Social Justice
  • Borders and violence
  • Peace and Conflict Theory
  • Human Rights
  • Domestic and International Conflict
  • Peace and Conflict Studies in the United States
  • Peace Studies in Human Development
  • Dispute Resolution

The priority of this program is flexibility and variety—it is designed to meet the varied academic interests and professional goals of our students. Students may elect to co-major or minor in Peace and Conflict Studies in conjunction with their regular major field. Students interested may also select PCS courses without necessarily pursuing the full degree options.


Those interested should contact Ryan Ferrante, Advisor or the Program Director Dr. Frederic Pearson

View the degree programs offered, and download a printable file of the course requirements.


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