A commitment to managing conflict constructively 

People bring different ideas, goals, values, beliefs, interests, positions, and needs to their organizations and these differences are a primary strength of individual and group dynamics. Yet these same differences can lead to conflicts which result in negative and destructive behaviors that impact our professional and personal lives.  The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at Wayne State University is committed to work with people to develop their understanding and capability to de-escalate and resolve disputes.
The Center's positive reputation and long experience in training and assisting organizations in various settings as helped re-build effective communication and greater collaboration for both the individual and the group - whether in the work-place, school, neighborhood, or across borders. 

Teaching, training, and a process of empowerment

The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies teaches and trains clients to apply conflict and dispute resolution techniques in order to build our clients conflict management 'toolbox'.  The Center's tailored approach, which includes valuable dimensions of diversity training, allows clients to manage conflicts more constructively and efficiently in terms of both time and energy.  Training also increases productivity within organizations, allowing them to develop and maintain professional relationships both inside and outside of the workplace.

Training is customized to the client's needs.  Clients can choose from an array of specific approaches to meet their needs, including 'train the trainers' approaches aimed at client empowerment. All in all, the Center's facilitation processes allow positive communication to evolve in order to address the roots of the conflict.   

Our services

We offer a series of unique Conflict and Dispute Resolution trainings that include, but are not limited to:

  • Anti-Violence and Non-Violence Training for Youth and Adults
  • Negotiation Training and Facilitation 
  • Personal/Professional Conflict Resolution
  • Anti-bullying and harassment training 
  • Community and Neighborhood Safety and Communication Strategies
  • Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity Training
  • Restorative Practices
  • Social Justice Facilitation
  • Peer Mediation Training and Peace Circles 
  • Difficult Conversations and Group/Community Dialouges
  • Getting to 'Yes' (Not being afraid of 'No')
  • Customer Relations
  • Leadership Training and Positive Management Strategies
  • Civic Engagement Training for Domestic and International Delegations
  • Improving Communications (Active Listening, Interpersonal, Intergroup)
  • Anger ManagementTraining
  • Public Policy Dispute Negotiation and Mediation

Additional services 

In addition to the services listed above, we also offer educational lectures, seminars, and workshops designed to fit our clients needs and interests.
Our staff is comprised of trained facilitators, mediators, conflict coaches, conflict/dispute resolution specialists and educators.

Our Goals 

The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies' Conflict Resolution Training is designed to meet the following Goals:
  • Increase employee engagement, communications, and morale
  • Increase client and customer service retention
  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Create respectful workplace, community, and international environments
  • Build and foster respectful dialogue in responding to conflict among diverse audiences
Most people are willing and interested in resolving their disputes and just need the appropriate training or assistance in doing so.  We help people build peaceful, respectful, and healthy ways to live. 

Contact our Community Dispute Resolution Specialist Today 

Barbara L. Jones
Community Dispute Resolution Specialist, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies
Phone: 313-577-3518
E-mail: barbaraljones@wayne.edu



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