The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies actively provides conflict resolution, violence prevention, multicultural and global education for communities and workplace environments through a variety of services and affiliated programs.


Technical Assistance

On a fee-for-service basis, CPCS offers direct program development and implementation services for organizations both in the private and public sector. Services may include strategic planning on topics of conflict resolution, violence prevention and diversity, as well as training and professional development in these areas, such as basic and advanced negotiation training for a variety of ages, groups and contexts.


Intervention Services

Members of the community and the workplace often encounter situations that require immediate intervention including interpersonal conflicts occurring among employees, management, neighbors and residents/business owners. CPCS provides intervention services, including mediation and referrals, to diffuse potentially disruptive situations.


Program Evaluation

CPCS may provide both qualitative and quantitative evaluation of conflict resolution, violence prevention and diversity education programs. Evaluation may include measurement of anticipated program outcomes of improved cognitive and behavioral skills.


Special Educational Programming

Individuals interested in direct educational instruction may enroll in classes and workshops through CPCS. Each summer, CPCS offers summer learning institutes on conflict resolution, violence prevention, and diversity programming for educators, young people, community and workplace leaders. CPCS offers a unique undergraduate co-major or minor, a community engaged student Learning Community in Peace and Justice issues, a Graduate Certificate in Peace and Security Studies, with emphases on the development and maintenance of peaceful borders and social relations; CPCS also plays a pivotal role in the Wayne State University Master of Arts and Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution.


Affiliated Programs

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