I want to attend Wayne State University and earn a degree in Criminal Justice. What do I do?

The first step is to apply for admission.  For the online application and complete instructions, go to admissions.wayne.edu and follow the link that applies to you, e.g., Incoming Freshman, Transfer Students, Post Bachelor Students, Guest Students, etc.

I'm interested in transferring to Wayne State ’s Bachelor’s Degree Program in Criminal Justice from a community college and/or another 4-year college/university. How do I know what courses will transfer?

A list of all courses transferable to Wayne State University can be accessed online at transfercredit.wayne.edu. Courses will transfer either as direct equivalent credit, i.e., the course being transferred is directly equal to a WSU course, or as general elective credit, e.g., CJ 201 from ABC Community College transfers to WSU as CRJ 2XXX. 

How do I know what classes I need for the Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice?

There are two sets of requirements for the Bachelor’s of Science degree: (1) the General Education requirements, e.g., English, Science, etc., and (2) the Criminal Justice major requirements.  If all courses are completed at WSU, the General Education requirements average about 62+ credit hours and the Criminal Justice major courses total 40 credit hours. Once a student has been admitted to WSU, s(he) should meet with a Criminal Justice advisor to learn about the General Education and major requirements, and, if applicable, to get clarification on which courses transferred to WSU in partial fulfilment of these requirements. Appointments are scheduled online at advisingworks.wayne.edu.

When should I officially declare my major or minor in Criminal Justice? What is the process?

Students must officially declare their major or minor in Criminal Justice and obtain a plan of work (i.e., a list of the course requirements for the major) by scheduling an appointment with a Criminal Justice advisor at advisingworks.wayne.edu.

How long does it take to earn a Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree?

The Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice requires 120 semester credit hours. The duration of time to complete the degree depends on whether the student attends full-time or part-time. Typically, full-time students complete the BS in Criminal Justice degree program in an average of four (4) years, completing 30 credits/academic year, e.g., 12 credits in the Fall, 12 credits in the Winter, and 6 credits in the Spring/Summer. Part-time students complete 18 credits/academic year on average, e.g., 6 credits in the Fall, 6 credits in the Winter, and 6 credits in the Spring/Summer, and typically completes the degree in six (6) years.

 If I’m a Criminal Justice major and I want to take CRJ 4800 (cross-listed with SOC 4800), does it matter whether I register for CRJ 4800 or SOC 4800 in order to receive Criminal Justice credit?

Students majoring in Criminal Justice must register for CRJ 4800 and, likewise, Sociology majors register for SOC 4800.

How do I receive credit for the Writing Intensive requirement?

Students must register for CRJ 5993 (Writing Intensive) in the same semester that they are registered for one of the following co-requisite courses: CRJ 3200, CRJ 3500, CRJ 3550, or CRJ 3800.  To obtain a final grade of Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) for CRJ 5993, students must submit the Writing Intensive Contract to the Criminal Justice advisor by no later than the second week of classes once the instructor of the co-requisite course has been signed.

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