Courses in the following list numbered 5000-6999 may be taken for graduate credit unless specifically restricted to undergraduate students by individual course limitations. Courses numbered 7000-9999 are offered for graduate credit only. 

5500. Child Abuse and Neglect. Cr. 3 (Fall Term)

Prereq: CRJ 4410. No credit after former CRJ 6600. Dynamics and psychopathology of child abuse: its incidence and impact on the family, society , and the numerous social and legal agencies involved in the detection, processing, and treatment of both child abusers and the abused.
5810. (SOC 5810) Law in Human Society. Cr. 3 (Annually)
Law and the legal structure in it's social context. Development, enforcement, and interpretation of law; emphasis on the American governmental system. Reciprocal effects of law and the society in which it develops; comparative analysis. For pre-law, criminal justice, and political science students, as well as sociology majors.

5993. (WI) Writing Intensive Course in Criminal Justice. Cr. 0 (Every Term)

Prereq: junior standing, satisfactory completion of ENG 1020 (BC), written consent of instructor; coreq: CRJ 3200, 3350, 3550, or 3800. Offered for S and U grades only. No degree credit. Required for CRJ majors. Disciplinary writing assignments under the direction of a faculty member. Must be selected in conjunction with a course designated as a co-requisite; see Schedule of Classes for co-requisites available each term. Satisfies the University General Education Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement.
5994. (PCS 5000) Dispute Resolution. (P S 5890)(PSY 5710). Cr. 3 (Every Term)
Overview of the processes and sectors in the field of dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and conciliation.
5995. Special Topics in Criminal Justice. Cr. 3 (Max. 9) (Intermittently)
Prereq: CRJ 1010 or 2000. No credit for repeated section. Possible course topics include, but are not limited to: Criminalistics, Youth Gangs, The Rule of Law, Women in Crime, etc.

5996. Special Topics in Criminology Cr. 3 (Max. 6) (Intermittently)
Prereq. CRJ 1010 or 2000; junior/senior standing. Criminal Justice majors limited 6 credits for this course. This course will explore special criminology topics.
5997. Topics in Law and the Legal System. Cr. 3 (Max. 6) (Intermittently)
Prereq: junior status; 3.0 G.P.A. or above, or honors student. Legal analysis of selected topics in justice and law; rotating topics include political trials.
7010 Contemporary Criminal Justice. Cr. 3 (Fall)
Survey of classic literature and important contemporary studies of all major facets of criminal justice system, including law, police, prosecution, defense, judiciary, probation, corrections, and parole.   
7050 Deviant Behavior and Social Control. (SOC 7060) Cr. 3 (Intermittently)
Description and explanation of selected types of deviant /criminal behavior. Review of selected efforts at controlling deviant/criminal behavior.  
7200 Public Policy and the Criminal Justice System. Cr. 3 (Intermittently)
Analysis of interrelationship of criminal justice system components and the political setting surrounding the formulation and administration of public policies for crime control.  

7220 Delinquency and Justice. Cr. 3 (Winter)
Empirical research on institutions which influence delinquency, including families, peers, and schools. Empirical and conceptual evaluation of delinquency theories; focus on their relationship to juve­nile justice and policy.
7230 Policing and Society. Cr. 3 (Winter)
Prereq: CRJ 2000 or former 1010, and CRJ 4600. Analysis of competing perspectives on role of police in society. Students review and analyze selected problems and issues facing police agencies; focus o n research related to current practices.  

7240 Corrections. Cr. 3 (Fall)
Prereq: CRJ 4300. Legal, social, and political issues in both institu­tional and community corrections. Topics may include incarceration trends, penal philosophy, sanctions, community-based corrections, overcrowding, and related issues.
7870 Master’s Capstone Seminar in Criminal Justice. Cr. 3 (Fall, Winter)
Prereq: graduate standing, CRJ 7010, CRJ 7020, CRJ 7860, mini­mum 26 credits completed. Students write essays demonstrating their knowledge and critical analysis of criminological and criminal justice theory, research methods, and public policy issues.
7990 Directed Study. Cr. 1-3 (Max. 3) (Every Term)
Prereq: 24 graduate credits in major and written consent of adviser.
7999 Master's Essay Direction. Cr. 1-3 (Every Term)
Prereq: written consent of adviser.  
8999 Master's Thesis Research and Direction. Cr. 1-8 (Every Term)
Prereq: written consent of adviser.
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