(photo: buildOn service learning event fall 2016)

Justice and Society Learning Community

The 2017-2018 academic year (AY) marks the Justice and Society Learning Community's third year!  Our learning community provides Criminal Justice students with participation in educational, service-based, and social activities to enhance connections with peers, mentors, faculty, and the community.  In this upcoming AY, peer mentors will aid students in the successful completion of the CRJ 1010 in the fall semester (with Professor Klahm) and then CRJ 3400 (with Professor Larson) in the winter semester with the same students staying together for both classes   

The Learning Community is a challenging opportunity but also one that offers great rewards, both academically and socially.

Contact:  Marianka Holloway at (313) 577-0772 or Alicia Ortez at (313) 577-2538 for an override CRJ 1010 CRN # 12621

Contact Professors Larson (dv5168@wayne.edu) or Klahm (eu2855@wayne.edu) with specfic questions about course requirements.

 Justice and Society's 2016-2017 yearend celebration at Garden Bowl

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