1010. Introduction to Criminal Justice: Professor Klahm | Professor Larson
3110. Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice
3120. Politics of the Criminal Justice Process
3200. Police and Society: Professor Smith | Professor Klahm
3260. Investigation
3350. Corrections
3400. Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
3550. Research Methods in Criminal Justice
3700. The Judicial Process
3710. Legal Writing for Criminal Justice
3750. Gender Issues for Criminal Justice Professionals
3800. Criminological Theories:  Professor Klahm | Professor Stack
4310. Correctional Counseling Methods
4700. Criminal Law
4740. Constitutional Criminal Procedure
4800. Outsiders, Outcasts and Social Deviants
4970. Internship to Criminal Justice
4990. Directed Study
4998. Honors Thesis in Criminal Justice
5500. Child Abuse and Neglect
5810. Law in Human Society
5993. (WI) Writing Intensive Course in Criminal Justice
5994. Dispute Resolution
5995. Special Topics in Criminal Justice
5996. Special Topics in Criminology
5997. Topics in Law and the Legal System
7010 Contemporary Criminal Justice
7050 Deviant Behavior and Social Control
7200 Public Policy and the Criminal Justice System

7220 Delinquency and Justice
7230 Policing and Society: Professor Klahm

7240 Corrections
7860 Research Methods in Criminal Justice: Professor Smith
7870 Master’s Capstone Seminar in Criminal Justice
7990 Directed Study
7999 Master's Essay Direction
8999 Master's Thesis Research and Direction



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