1. Application for Ph.D. Admission (2 copies).  This form is available at the WSU Graduate Admissions office.
  2. College Transcripts (2 copies).  One official sealed copy of undergraduate and graduate transcripts must be mailed directly from the institution to our department.  In addition, please include one unofficial copy with your Ph.D. application.
  3. Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores.  Photocopies of GRE scores may be sent to the department with the Ph.D. application, but formal admission is contingent on receipt of official scores.  An official copy of the GRE scores should be sent directly from ETS to the WSU testing office.
  4. Three (3) Letters of Recommendation (in sealed envelops).  Recommendations should address the applicant's knowledge and experience in the discipline, special or unique skills and knowledge, and capability for doctoral study and development as an independent researcher.  Recommendation forms are provided.  It is most desirable to receive letters from previous college instructors or from individuals who are knowledgeable of your performance in academic areas.  The admissions committee is particularly interested in previous research activity, general scholarship, writing abilities, oral communication skills, research/analytical and/or clinical skills, and performance in previous undergraduate and graduate work.  Letter writers must also complete an evaluation form.
  5. Personal Statement.  Discuss the following topics in 5-7 pages.
    • Why are you interested in completing the Ph.D.?  What led to your interest in a research degree?  Why do you think you are well suited to the Ph.D. program, and Wayne State University's program in particular?  What personal qualities do you have that make you a good applicant for a research degree?
    • What are your research interests?  What area of research are you currently interested in (we understand that this may change during the course of your Ph.D.)?  What population(s) are you interested in working with?  What kind of contribution do you hope to make to the field?
    • What are your teaching interests?  Discuss any experience you have teaching in classroom, clinical, and/or research settings or in public speaking.  How would you rate your oral presentation abilities, and why?
    • What skills do you need to acquire or improve in order to successfully complete a Ph.D.?
    • What are your career plans once you finish your degree?
  6. Resume / C.V.  Please include research background, graduate courses, language spoken or written other than English, employment, education, ASLP work (clinic hours, types of placements, types of clients), volunteer experiences, and references.
  7. Application fee.  $50 (subject to change).  Applications will not be processed without fee.
  8. Financial Aid application.  Departmental (contact Ph.D. coordinator for most recent info) and University.  Note: Some of these opportunities require acceptance into the program prior to application deadlines.
  9. TOEFL score (only required for international students who are non-native English speakers).  Official transcript of score.
  10. Financial Statement as described by the WSU Office of International Student Services (OISS).
  11. Student Visa Status must be documented as described by the WSU Office of International Student Services (OISS).
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