Natalia Rakhlin

Natalia Rakhlin studies language acquisition in typically developing children and children with developmental disorders of idiopathic origin, such as SLI, speech sound disorders, and developmental dyslexia. Her research is aimed at understanding how the patterns of language impairments we observe in children with these disorders can provide insights into the organization of human language faculty, mechanisms of language acquisition, and sources of individual differences in language development.  Her work has been published in Language Acquisition, Journal of Child Language, Journal of Neurolinguistics, Applied Psycholinguistics, Scientific Studies of Reading, Annals of Dyslexia and other journals. Her recent work on language development of internationally adopted children will appear in a Special Issue of the Journal of Communication Disorders. Her current project involves studying the quality of language environment in Head Start and designing an early literacy intervention for Head Start students.

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Natalia Rakhlin 10/20/2015
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