Wayne State University's Student Speech Language Hearing Association (WSSLHA)

Winter 2019 Semester

Winter 2018 Semester


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Spring-Summer 2017 Semester


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Winter 2017 Semester


Daniel Newel

Undergraduate Student


Hello! My name is Danielle Newel, I am a Junior majoring in SLP, and I will be serving as the undergraduate WSSLHA President for the 2017-2018 school year. I have had such a wonderful time being a member of the social committee this year and I am very excited to pursue this new position with passion and dedication!


Maya Brown

Post-Baccalaureate Student

Vice President

My name is Maya Brown; I am the Vice President for WSSLHA, 2017-18. I am a post-Baccalaureate student studying to start graduate school in in Speech-Language Pathology in the Fall of 2018. In addition to future work as an SLP, I hope to study and publish research in genetics of neurological disorders and multicultural language acquisition across various socioeconomic backgrounds. With limited working proficiency, I am also working to develop fluency across various dialects of Spanish to provide care to Spanish-speaking populations in the U.S. and abroad.


Ariel Rogan

Post-Baccalaureate Student


Reason for studying: I'm interested in working with people in marginalized groups with cultural differences. I also am interested in working with children diagnosed with autism, children with disfluencies, and elderly people with dysphagia.
Year of college: Post-bac (Undergrad degree in Linguistics from U-M)
Fun facts about me: I love to knit, tumble, and travel the world. I am also really fascinated by accents and I believe I can do many of them well. I also have 3 cats although I am allergic to them!


Moranda Yaldo

Undergraduate Student


My name is Moranda Yaldo! I am a sophomore with a major in Communication Sciences and Disorders and a minor in Psychology. This year I am assuming the role of the Historian for the 2017 year. I am studying CSD with the intention of going into Speech-Language Pathology. I love helping people and have a connection with children. I currently work at an Autism Center as a Behavior Technician. I am passionate about music and photography. I am beyond excited about being a part of WSSHLA and becoming a future Speech-Language Pathologist!


Nadia Galifi

Undergraduate Student

Student Representative

Hello! My name is Nadia Galifi, I am a Junior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and I am honored to hold the student representative position for WSSLHA 2017-2018. I think it is awesome to have an organization like WSSLHA to show the community we are students that want to give back. I am excited for a fulfilling semester of achievement!


Kaela Sanocki

Undergraduate Student

Social Committee Chair

Hi, my name is Kaela Sanocki. I am the new social committee chair of WSSLHA 2017-2018. I am studying Speech Pathology and am a junior this year. I am studying Speech Pathology because I want to help people and make a difference in their lives. I like to play soccer and hangout with my friends.




Fall 2016 Semester



by Dr. Li Hsieh, Chapter Advisor

We are off to a great Fall 2016 semester.  The 2016 Officers have already achieved so much through their involvement in the WSSLHA Chapter.  We thank the former Chapter Advisor, Emmylou Garza-Prisby, for a fantastic past year for your support throughout all the social events and fundraisers. 
And we definitely couldn’t have accomplished all these events without students like yourself.  We are a very active chapter. Did you know that WSSLHA participates in the following events? 


·      Fall Social Mixer

·      Various Fundraising Events

·      Alumni Event

·      Graduate Banquet Event

·      Book Drives for Detroit Head Start Classes

·      Faculty Appreciation Luncheon

·      Cold Weather Clothing Drive (along with SAA)

·      Social Events, such as, Detroit Tiger’s Game and Dinners

·      Tutoring  for UG Students

·      Can Food Drives

·      Beaumont Hospital Preschool Program Student Volunteers

·      Children’s Hospital of Michigan Student Volunteers

·      Veteran Affair Games

·      Motor City Apraxia Walk

·      MSHA/ASHA Conference as Student Volunteers and Attendees

·      NSSLHA Chapter Recertification and much, much more!

As your new advisor, I am looking forward to serving and being part of this extra-ordinary student chapter.  I encourage all of you who are CSD majors to join WSSLHA and become an active member.






“Tell us about yourself and what’s your favorite class?”


Ashley Jones

UG Student


My name is Ashley Jones and I am serving as the undergraduate President for the 2016-2017 school year! I particularly enjoyed anatomy and physiology of the speech mechanism, because it gave me a look into the brain and the roles it plays in speech! I look forward to the advanced coursework where I can learn more about language development and degenerative disorders that affect speech, so I can apply it to my future career as a speech-language pathologist.


Diva De Benedictis

UG Student

Vice President

My name is Diva De Benedictis and I am junior student studying Communication Sciences and Disorders. I look very forward to taking on the role as Vice-President of WSSLHA and working with the team to share our passion for CSD, to strive toward our future professional goals, and to have fun while doing it! My favorite class at Wayne State is Italian Cinema: Mafia Movies because my experience in class was cultural and academically enriching. This class was entertaining, but also very stimulating as it allowed me to think critically about various aspects on and off the screen

Jennie Haque

UG Student


Description: C:\Users\jennie\Pictures\IMG_1378.JPG

My name’s Jennie Haque and I am currently a junior at Wayne State University. I am bilingual and my ethnicity is Bengali. I am a part-time student and I work part-time. My major is communication sciences & disorders. I enjoyed the normal language & acquisition class, which was taught by Dr. Daniels. This class touched on topics, which resonated with me. I joined WSSHLA, which is a great way to interact with other students in this field.


Adrianna Risveglia

UG Student




Hello! I am currently an undergraduate senior in the Communication Science Disorders program and I am interested in applying to the Audiology graduate program here at WSU. Dr. Simpson and Dr. Kate Masterson helped shine a bright light on the field of audiology for me, and Aural Rehabilitation was my absolute favorite class. I loved learning about cochlear implants and the many technical advancements that have been made to help people gain or regain their precious sense of hearing. Although I enjoyed every one of the SLP courses, I feel more connected to Audiology and am confident in the decision to pursue it. We know that both speech pathologists and audiologists’ careers are of a profound impact, and I am very eager for all of us to venture into different parts of these fields so we can make differences where we can. 

I am very happy to be your new WSSHLA Secretary for 2016/17, and I hope to see you all at the Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association conference in April!   


Avital Elyazam

UG Student

Student Representative

My name is Avital Elyazam and I am the Student Representative for WSSLHA for the 2016-2017 year. I am studying to become a Speech Language Pathologist and planning on graduating in May 2017. My favorite classes at Wayne State so far happened to be Phonetics, and Brain & Behavior psychology. I am excited to be returning to the board as Student Representative and hope to use my experience as Historian to help the board excel even further in year to come.


Jamie Narkun

Grad Student


My name is Jamie Narkun and I'm our class's WSSLHA president. One of my favorite classes so far in the Masters program is probably our adult acquired neurogenic disorders class! I'm very interested in aphasia and working with adults after we graduate and I've learned so much already in that class, and Dr Greenwald is a great professor.


Jessica Coppiellie

Grad Student

Student Representative

My favorite class in the SLP program is Clinical Practice, with Mrs. O'Leary. This class is focuses on tying the information we learn in class to the experiences we have during clinic. For me, it is exciting to see first-hand just how applicable the information we gain is to any clinical placement.


Christine Forrest

Grad Student

Vice President

"My name is Chrissie and I am the graduate vice president of WSSLHA. My favorite part of the program so far has been my clinical placement in Head Start. I absolutely love the age group, their energy, and their excitement to be at school!"


Lorie Bennink


Grad Student




My name is Lorie Bennink and I am the new WSSLHA Class of 2017 Historian.  I studied Nursing at Western Michigan University (undergraduate) and am currently working as an ICU RN.  I completed my post-bachelor coursework for Speech-Language Pathology at Wayne State University.  Two of my favorite classes thus far have been Language and Phonological Disorders, and Neuroscience of Communication Disorders.  After graduation, I hope to work in the Public Schools with elementary-aged children.  Hobbies I enjoy include running, watching movies, spending time with family, and playing with my dog, Spike.



Kimberly Brief


Grad Student



I have enjoyed many of my classes throughout my undergrad and graduate experiences, making it very hard to pick just one. My top three would be Clinical Methods, Clinical Process, and my Clinical Practicums. I have always enjoyed writing, so I like the opportunities that these classes provide to combine writing (reports, SOAPs) with the critical thinking that is necessary to carry out therapy. These classes have really allowed me to practice my clinical writing and therapy skills and have helped to build my confidence in my clinical decisions. I am looking forward to taking the Dysphagia course this summer, as I am hoping to work with clients with dysphagia in an acute care setting after graduation. In my spare time, I enjoy running, reading, and relaxing with my adorable dog (Layla) and my cat (Lily)!



Fall 2015



Announcing Congratulations to the Class of 2017

Executive Board Officers for Graduate Students:


President: Jamie Narkun

Vice President: Christine Forrest

Secretary: Kimberly Brief

Historian:  Lorie Bennink

Student Rep: Jessica Coppoiellie


Meet our WSSLHA Presidents!  Up Close!


Holli Hollister-UG/PB President 2015


I am an undergraduate senior majoring in communication sciences and disorders. I am interested in continuing my education in speech language pathology. I became interested in the field after job shadowing an SLP in high school.  I love the job aspects an SLP has to offer, such as working in a multidisciplinary team, a diverse job setting, and the ability to work with all age groups. My hobbies include bowling, extracurricular activities, and spending time with family.


Jamie Narkun-Graduate President 2016

My name is Jamie Narkun; I am a first year graduate student in the speech-language pathology program and will be taking over the role of WSSHLA president in November. I live in the metro-Detroit area and love spending time in the city, whether for a Red Wings game or just being on campus at WSU. I am currently in the STEPSS program at our on-campus clinic and love it, in the future, I would like to work as an SLP in a skilled nursing facility, but that is always subject to change!


Graduate WSSLHA News



Graduate Students WSSLHA Update

By Jamie Onica (Historian)

Our WSSLHA group has had a busy and fun filled semester! Our committees have been hard at work and have planned some amazing events this summer! Our social committee has hosted more trips to Detroit Tiger's games and planned a wonderful picnic and tie-die party at Belle Isle! They are fast at work with another event, our fall mixer, already scheduled for September 25th at Tony V's in Detroit! Tickets will be $15 and all are welcome to attend! Our fundraising committee has planned several amazing events this semester, which included an apparel sale and selling Mrs. Field's cookies! Thank you to everyone who supported us and contributed to our fundraising efforts! The fundraising committee is already planning to have a Yankee Candle sale this fall, so keep your eyes open for future advertisements! The volunteer committee hosted two events this semester, which included participating in the Apraxia Walk and working at Cass Community Social Services! We had a great turnout for each event and we greatly appreciate the time everyone gave to help others! We are looking forward to future volunteer events in the upcoming semester! Our newspaper committee will be publishing a new article for everyone to read this November! The newspaper will be posted to the WSSLHA website for everyone to access and enjoy! The graduate WSSLHA group is also happy to invite the new graduate class of 2017 to our organization! 

The WSSLHA group hosted a Peer Orientation to introduce all committee members to the incoming graduate students and give the new clinicians helpful tools and knowledge for their upcoming semesters at Wayne State University! It was great being able to talk with them and we are excited to work with them this Fall semester! 

We cannot wait to see what new events are in store for this fall semester and we send best wishes to our new graduate students!

Welcome Class of 2017 to WSSLHA and Wayne State University


Undergrad/Post-Bach WSSLHA News

2015 Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech

By: Avital Elyazam (WSSLHA’s Historian)

WSSLHA Board members who could make it to the walk (pictured above left Holli Hollister=President, Cristy Starkweather= Student Representative, Avital Elyazam= Historian)


This year WSSLHA members walked the “Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech” on August 30, 2015. The non-profit group CASANA whose mission is to “strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia so that each child is afforded their best opportunity to develop speech” organizes this walk. This group’s goals includes facilitating better public policy and services for children affected by the disorder, providing training and educational opportunities for families, professionals and students, and encouraging/funding research in childhood apraxia of speech. This walk is held annually to raise money for this CASANA non-profit and this year we had the opportunity to participate in this walk.

The festivities began at about 10am where raffle tickets were sold to raise even more money for this great cause. However, some very special people volunteered to come even earlier to set up for the walk, help people register, and help set up the raffle itself. Christy Stark weather, WSSLHA’s very own Student Representative, was one of those people. We are thankful to have someone like her representing us at this wonderful event. In addition to Christy we had multiple members from the graduate and undergraduate WSSLHA group come to support CASANA’s mission. Together we were able to help make a small difference in the lives of the children that CASANA helps.

At about 11am, the opening ceremony began. This ceremony was especially special since star medallions were handed out to the children walking the walk who had the diagnosis of apraxia of speech. Holli Hollister, WSSLHA’s president, and I (Avital Elyazam), WSSLHA’s historian, had the honor to hand out these awards accompanied by two other volunteers. As the children walked across the stage to receive their awards we could see so many different personalities and emotions. Some shied away from the spotlight, while others were so proud that they danced, ran, or hopped across the stage as they received their awards. You could see the sheer happiness that programs like those CASANA provides had given them. When seeing these happy faces the walkers, including the WSSLHA group, were even prouder of their decision to support CASANA and their cause. The actual walk began at noon and lasted a very short amount of time, but the difference we made by supporting CASANA and by rewarding those children will last a lifetime.

Faculty, students, friends, and family supporting the Motor City Apraxia Walk (photo above)


What is happening with WSSLHA UG/PB Students?

 By: Cristy Starkweather (WSSLHA Student Representative)


This past August, a group of WSSHLA members from the undergraduate chapter turned out to support the CASANA “Walk for Children with Apraxia of Speech”. A few WSSHLA members helped award “Star Medals” to the children as they crossed a stage ringing with applause and cheers from the crowd.


As students returned to classes, WSSHLA held its first meeting of the school year. This meeting was a resounding success, with attendance numbering over 50 students. Ms. Williams and Dr. Greenwald welcomed everyone to the new academic year. Students attended the Fall Mixer at Tony V’s alongside first and second year Master’s students. There was delicious pizza, salad, and karaoke for all!


In addition to the volunteer events, and fun social gatherings, did you know that Post-Bachelor’s and Undergraduate WSSHLA members are also heavily involved in volunteer work? A sampling of the activities include: volunteering at local hospitals in the children and adult SLP departments, working alongside an SLP, OT and preschool teacher in a special-needs preschool, involvement in local garden clubs, tutoring, and professor-led research projects.


WSSHLA members are currently planning a multicultural night, and we have another meeting scheduled with the opportunity to hear from the esteemed Dr. Eldis prior to her retirement. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to meet twice in October, to better accommodate the wide variety of class schedules.


We will be planning other volunteer events, social gatherings and donation drives. We are hoping to provide members with multiple opportunities for career-networking and personal growth. We are looking forward to having a quite successful and eventful year.




The Wayne State University Student Speech-Language & Hearing Association (WSSLHA) is an organization for students who are pursuing a career in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology.  
It is lead by student nominated officers, advised by Emmylou Garza-Prisby, NSSLHA Chapter Advisor at Wayne State University. 

If you are interested in joining WSSLHA, please download and complete the membership application form via the link and deliver to Ms. Garza-Prisby's mailbox (2nd floor, Rackham Bldg).
WSSLHA Membership Application Form

Please click here for the photo release form.

Spring-Summer 2015

Student Perspective:  Why I Choose to Study SLP?

By Brittany Chisholm - Undergraduate Student

I started off at Wayne State University with aspirations to become a Spanish teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking, learning, communicating, and teaching a new language. Though, I knew that a career as a Spanish teacher was not enough for me. I desired a career that would allow me to make a difference in children’s lives. Through shadowing in a speech language impaired kindergarten classroom, I slowly began to realize that I belonged in the field of Speech-language pathology. One of many aspects that attracted me to speech-language pathology is that the field is very broad and has educational, therapeutic, and medical avenues. Being a speech-language pathologist puts clinicians in a position to never stop learning. Also, I can use my knowledge of the Spanish language and become a certified bilingual speech-language pathologist and serve a larger community. This profession is constantly opening doors. In my mind it is a give and take profession. Through therapy I can give back communication to a client, and ultimately communication is life.


Undergraduate/Post Bach Students WSSLHA Update

By Christy Starkweather

We have been busy at WSSHLA this past spring! Undergraduate and Post-Bachelor’s Students have begun volunteering at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, facilitating positive hospital visits for children through engagement in Arts and Craft activities. This past winter, many of our esteemed faculty and staff as well as graduate and post-bachelor’s students attended the 2015 Michigan Speech Language Hearing Association (MSHA) conference in Lansing. Wayne State shone brightly during the research poster presentation session, when our own Dr. Greenwald’s research was presented to conference attendees! The May 2015 MSHA newsletter highlights some of our distinguished CSD faculty and staff and their contributions to the conference: Dr. Fran Eldis, receiving the MSHA Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Shelly Jo Kraft as a conference speaker and Ms. Emmylou Garza-Prisby as the MSHA Vice President for Professional Development..


Did you know the Communication Sciences & Disorders Department raises awareness each year by encouraging local high school students to contemplate higher education and CSD-related career paths? This year, WSSHLA and Wayne State CSD Faculty are assisting with the Urban Rose Foundation http://www.urbanrosefoundation.com/  on June 6th to showcase the professions of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. It’s not too late to be involved! Contact Ms. Williams. 

The current Undergraduate / Post Bachelor’s leadership team has been planning activities for Fall, including fundraisers, social events, volunteer opportunities and more. We’d like your ideas and feedback, and we are always looking for people to step up and take leadership roles.
Email us at wsslha.ug.pb@gmail.com !

Thanks and Best Wishes!

A Big Thank You to the previous Undergrad / Post Bachelor’s WSSHLA officers:  Katie Stevenson (Past President), Brittany Chisholm (Past-Student Representative), Kimberly Brief (Historian), Jessica Coppiellie (Secretary). WSSHLA has benefitted and grown under your leadership.

Best wishes in future endeavors!

Changes coming to WSSHLA in Fall 2015!

The Undergraduate / Post Bachelor’s leadership team is contemplating changing the structure of WSSHLA to better reflect levels of commitment to the organization. One proposed idea is to assign points to various activities, such as active participation in fundraisers, the peer tutoring program, group volunteer activities and attendance at meetings. We’d like to hear your thoughts! 
Email us at: wsslha.ug.pb@gmail.com


Graduate Students WSSHLA Update

By Jamie Onica

This has been a busy semester for our WSSHLA group! Our committees have planned several social and fundraising events throughout the semester. Our social committee planned trips to the Punch Bowl Social venue in Detroit and a Detroit Tiger’s baseball game, which had a great turnout! Our fundraising committee planned several events, which included a food sale, a bottle drive (any future donations can still be made and placed in the WSSHLA room) and an Origami Owl jewelry fundraiser (orders can be made until May 15th). Our group has attended many conferences this semester as well, which included the KOPP lecture at Wayne State University, an AAC lecture at Beaumont Hospital, and the MSHA conference in Lansing. Future events include:

  • Fundraising at Buffalo Wild Wings and Yankee Candle
  • Social events at Z’s Villa and a Belle Isle barbeque 
  • Volunteering with “Hike for the Heart” or “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” and the DMC Children’s Hospital food drive
  • The newspaper committee will publish a new newspaper issue each semester, which will be distributed via e-mail. 

We are looking forward to the new semester and can’t wait to see what new events are in store! 



Winter 2015

Meet some of our BRILLIANT Students at Wayne State University!




Jessica Coppiellie
Secretary-Undergraduate Student

My experience with speech-language pathology began at age seven. Clearly speaking words containing the consonant “s” was a challenging task for me in the first grade. My compromised speech affected all of my social interactions: at home, my older sisters teased me and my parents tried to correct me; at school, I was too embarrassed to make friends or participate in classroom activities. Thankfully, my first grade school teacher saw my struggles and referred me to the school district’s speech therapist.  

I am inspired to work hard in every aspect my life because becoming a speech-language pathologist is incredibly important to me. Early intervention speech therapy shaped me into the person that I am today. Without it, I firmly believe that I would not be as successful, both academically and socially, as I currently am.  What I took away from speech therapy left me with the wonderful obligation to pass on the gift that was given to me.  I feel grateful that I am in a position where, with further education, I can help individuals with speech, language, and/or hearing disorders gain the confidence and the tools needed to communicate more effectively. I have seen firsthand the positive impact speech therapy has on countless lives every day, and helping those in need has always been close to my heart. I am a regular volunteer at several organizations, but being able to help individuals within the community through speech-language pathology would be a much more personal way for me to give back.

Jaimie Sierakowski
Student Representative - Graduate Student

Speech-language pathology is an exciting and challenging field that drives its professionals to be problem-solvers and collaborators. I chose this field because it pushes me to apply my knowledge in important real-life situations. Recently, I have found that I have a strong interest in feeding and swallowing disorders (dysphagia). Eating and feeding is a pleasurable act that many of us take for granted. As a speech-language pathologist in the healthcare setting, it will be my job to make important and critical decisions that are essential to not only an individual’s health, but also to their overall quality of life. I believe that working with adults with dysphagia would be rewarding because patients would have a strong will to work hard and push themselves to restore the ability to consume foods and liquids orally. Their hard work and dedication would be mirrored in my passion to help them reach their goals, and that is a work environment that I look forward to having.  

Kimberly Brief
Historian - Undergraduate Student

When I first started college, I actually wanted to be a Child Psychologist. After some time, I realized that was not a career I could see myself in for the rest of my working life. I began talking to my friend who is an SLP and immediately fell in love with the field. With each class that I have taken, and with every job shadow and volunteer opportunity I’ve participated in, my passion for the field has grown. I want to be an SLP so I can work with kids and to help improve their quality of life! Being able to communicate with others is something that most of us don’t have to think twice about. But for those who are Speech and Language impaired, communicating is a daily struggle. I want to be able to help these kids to learn to communicate in an easier way. Upon graduating from grad school, I’m hoping to either work in an elementary school or in an NICU. I also plan on returning to school to obtain my PhD in the field. I want to do research either in the area of Fluency or Autism. I also want to teach SLP courses at a university. There are many routes you can take with this profession, and I want to experience a bit of it all! Thank you and good luck to all current and prospective CSD students in your journeys! 

Katie Stevenson
President of Undergraduate Chapter

Becoming an audiologist has always been a dream of mine. When I was 10 years old my father received a cochlear implant at the University of Michigan hospital. My father progressively lost his hearing throughout his adult life. Needless to say, my father’s cochlear implant was a blessing to my family and without doubt, it fascinated me. When I was a child, empathy and compassion for hearing impaired individuals was instilled in me.  With all of the personal experience of a hearing impairment that I had gone through, I knew that I wanted to be an audiologist. I knew that I wanted to give the gift of hearing to another family someday. Much like the blessing my family had received with my father’s cochlear implant. My father’s cochlear implant has been the inspiration for my career choice. Reaching my goal of becoming an audiologist has always been important to me. Once I am finished with school, I would like to work in pediatrics. I have compassion for children and I would be thrilled if I could give a young child the gift of hearing because I know personally what an impact that will have on their life.  

Kathleen Salata
President of Graduate Chapter

In high school, I was chosen to be part of an internship program where I spent my last two class periods of the day at a preschool for children with physical and cognitive impairments. Twice a week I would shadow the SLP who worked at the school and even got to work on language activities with the kids when she was out of the building. Working with the SLP and seeing how much the kids improved, even over one semester, cemented in my mind this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

Stephanie Schultz
Vice President - Graduate Student

My name is Stephanie Schultz, and I am the Vice President of the WSSLHA Graduate Students at Wayne State.  There are many reasons why I am interested in becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist. First of all, I want to encourage communication. Communication is incredibly important for quality of life. The more a person is able to express their most basic wants and needs, the less frustrated their life will be, and the better they will feel. Also, I love the diversity of the field. There are a variety of age groups and populations that are available for you to work with. Furthermore, it is fun and rewarding! I am hoping to work primarily with children. Kids love coming to speech, and the difference you are making in their life is evident. Being a Speech-Language Pathologist graduate student, you learn something new and interesting every day, and I am excited for that to carry over into my career after Wayne State.

Jamie Onica
Historian - Graduate Student

I want to be an SLP because I love interacting with people. I have an undergraduate in Linguistics and have always been interested in language and communication. Not only that, I find it so rewarding to see the positive change you can make in someones life. This career offers so many different opportunities, with a variety of work environments and a diverse population to work with. Speech-Language Pathology is unique in that it allows you to find a job that is really tailored to your interests. My experiences at Wayne State University have allowed me to see the amazing work Speech-Language Pathologists do and what a positive impact they are on peoples' lives. 

Emily Corless
Secretary - Graduate Student

My name is Emily Corless and I’m a graduate student at Wayne State University.  Every since I was little, I’ve had a continuous desire to help people.  My dad introduced me to speech-language pathology by allowing me to shadow a speech-language pathologist (SLP) at his school (he’s a principal).  I was able to see the profound impact the SLP had in helping these children with their communication. Every since then I knew speech-language pathology was the profession for me as a way to have a real impact on lives.  My future career goals involve pursing a doctorate degree and teaching future SLP courses to undergraduate and graduate students.




Upcoming Events for WSSLHA UG/PB Students: 

  • Volunteering at Children’s Hospital of Michigan: February – March 2015
    •     The UG/PB WSSLHA members are beginning to volunteer at Children’s Hospital of Michigan where they will be interacting with the children and doing activities such as games and arts and crafts.



President: Holli Hollister

Historian:  Avital Elyazam

Student Representative: Cristy Starkweather

Secretary: Christina Collins


Upcoming Events for WSSLHA Graduate Students:

Volunteer Events

  • Food drive and volunteering at a soup kitchen (TBA)
  • A Teddy Picnic: Event for children entering surgery where we prepare the child by demonstrating things for them to expect using  teddy bears (TBA)
  • Some type of walk for a cause-preferably related to Speech and language (TBA)
  • Local Charity Drives (TBA)


  • Tigers game - Spring
  • Movie night (possibly watch a speech related movie like "The King's Speech") TBA
  • A local Detroit event - TBA


  • Selling Wayne State SLP Merchandise (People are designing the clothes and we will vote on our favorite)
  • Fundraising dinner at a restaurant - TBA


BENEFITS INCLUDE: WSSLHA EMAILS & NEWS, INCREASED STUDENT AND FACULTY ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES, SOCIAL  NETWORKING OPPORTUNTITES, FRIENDSHIP, AND ACCESS TO LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT.  If you are interested in joining WSSHLA, please download and complete the membership application form via the link at the top of the page and deliver to Ms. Garza-Prisby's mailbox (2nd floor, Rackham Bldg).

Fall 2014


Undergraduate & Post-Bachelor WSSLHA News

By Katie Stevenson 

First, the Wayne State CSD has a Facebook page! Be sure to "like" it to ensure that you stay up to date on all of the latest information! Here is the link to the Facebook pgae;


The UG/PB WSSLHA officers for 2014 are;

Katie Stevenson - President
Jessica Coppiellie - Secretary
Kimberly Brief - Historian
Brittany Chisholm - Student Representative

Undergraduate WSSHLA Officers Fall2014
 Photo: We are standing in the main entrance of the Hospital (from left to right: Kimberly, Me(Katie), and Brittany. *Jessica not pictured)

The WSSLHA members have been successful with a book drive that ended our winter 2014 semester with success! We began the book drive on April 1, 2014 with hopes to collect as many books as possible to donate to the children who would love and appreciate them at Children's Hospital (Detroit).  With boxes set up at the main campus in Detroit and at the extension campus in Macomb, we worked hard to encourage others to bring gently used or new books to give to the Children! Through the course of the book drive, I (Katie) spoke with the volunteer department at Children's multiple times and I was informed they were excited to receive the books because they were in need of books for the children there. The WSSLHA members got to work and spread the word for everyone to donate books! We even got donations from local libraries including the Taylor Public Library, as well as Another Look Books a local used book store in Taylor! With success in mind we ended up collecting over 700 books to donate to Children's Hospital! We delivered the books on Tuesday May 6, 2014 and were thanked so sincerely from the ladies working in the Foundation/Volunteer Department. As students who have a passion for helping others, we are so grateful to have has such a huge success with the book drive, we just want to give a big thank you to all those who contributed and I know there are a lot of smiling faces at Children’s Hospital who would want to tell the same thing. We even became famous by making it in the local newspaper, The News Herald as well as the Children's Hospital website and blog! 

Fall 2014 - WSSLHA Meeting Minutes for October 8, 2014

Thank you to everyone that attended our second WSSLHA meeting of the school year. For those of you that could not attend, here are the four main topics that were covered:

1) We are running a food drive from now until October 29th to benefit the Children's Center in Detroit. We are trying to collect canned and dry foods that will not spoil. There will be a donation box in Rackham's waiting center, and various WSSLHA representatives will bring donation boxes to CSD classes both at WSU and MCC. Please help us make this as successful as our book drive last year by donating and spreading the word to other students! Attached is a flyer with more information.

2) We are selling WSSLHA t-shirts from now until October 27th. Attached to this email is the order form. Various WSSLHA representatives will be collecting the order forms in each of the different CSD classes, and then turning them into me at the end of the month. You may also choose to drop your order form off in Mrs. Garza-Prisby's mailbox in Rackham. Please make sure your order forms and cash payment are in a sealed envelope.

3) The new WSSLHA room (where we held the meeting today) is in the basement of Rackham. There is no room number, but there is a WSSLHA sign on the door. Mrs. Garza-Prisby is turning this into a student lounge for us. If you are able, please volunteer your time on Tuesday, October 21st from 10am-whenever to help clean and decorate the room. The more people that help, the faster it will be finished!

4) We discussed our holiday service project. Those who attended the meeting today seemed very interested in making Christmas cards for military troops or children at the DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan. Be on the lookout for more information during our November meeting. We will discuss electing new WSSLHA officers at that meeting, as well.

P.S. For any WSSLHA member who has not yet paid their yearly dues, a copy of the WSSLA application is attached. Please fill it out with and place it in Mrs. Garza-Prisby's mailbox.

Thanks for all that you do, and let's make our food drive and T-shirt sale as successful as possible!


By Kathleen Salata

My name is Kathleen Salata and I am the president of the graduate chapter of WSSHLA. I am 23 years old and from Livonia, MI. I graduated with honors with a Bachelor's of Applied Art Degree in Communication Disorders from Central Michigan University in the May of 2014. I came to Wayne State for my graduate studies because of the great clinical experiences and research opportunities that are offered to its students. I want to work with children in a hospital or clinical setting after I graduate. I am interested in the research and treatment of children with autism, children who stutter, and children with childhood apraxia of speech. I have two older brothers and a younger brother, along with my dog Riley. In my free time, I like to run, read, spend time with families and friends, and travel.

The other members on the executive board with me (photo below, from left to right) are Jaimie Sierakowsk (Student Representative), Jamie Onica (Historian), me, Stephanie Schultz (Vice President), and Emily Corless (Secretary). 

Graduate WSSHLA Officers Fall2014


We all look forward to organizing the upcoming events in 2015!


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