Accepted Papers for the 16th Annual Conference on Citizenship:

"Don't Mess With the Lady in Black": Technology, Capitalism, and Islamic Feminism

"Know Everything That Can Be Known About Everybody": The Birth of the Credit Report

“It’s Gonna Be a Brawl!”: American Political Debate as Sports Spectacle

A Technê of Queer Citizenship: Memory and Place in the Digital Archive

Are Politics and Social Media Intoxicate? Underpinning of Indian Democracy on Social Media

Citizenship in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Constructing Illness as Isolation: Prescription Drug Narratives as Barriers to Inclusion

Democracy in Blockchains: Race, Class, and the Politics of Platforms

From Passive Observers to Desperate Participants: Youths, New Media and Democratic Citizenship in Nigeria

Gamification Pedagogy and Higher Education: Incentivized Learning Lessons for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Gender Dynamics of Political Conversations: Testing the Effect of an Online Environment

If “Reality is Real,” Why are We Online?: The Dangerous Pleasures of Virtual Citizenship in Ready Player One

In Search of Certainties: The Impacts of Criminal Actuarial Sentencing in Citizenship and Legal Reasoning

Intrusion, Incursion and Invasion of Privacy by Drone in the Age of Modern Technology

Mobile Phones and Political Empowerment: a Case Study of Kyrgyzstani Migrants in Russia

Narrating Citizenship: Unruly Citizens in James Baldwin's Another Country

Participatory Inclusive Design and Co-Creation in Product Design Education at Wayne State University

Selling Extremism: Social Media and the Mythologization of Truth in Contemporary American Political Discourse

Sentient Rhetoric: "Technê", Unintended Use, and AI

Sex Work and Fiscal Citizenship: Navigating Cryptocurrencies and Financial Moralities

Technology and the Architecture of Citizenship

Technology and the Creation, Alteration, and Degradation of Civic Spaces

Technology–Migration Nexus: Exploring the MigrantApp and What is Meant by Social Justice Apps

The Biometric State: Creating a Social and Political Discourse

The Biometric State: Citizenship in India and its Many Conundrums

The Boundaries of Belonging: Illegalizing Discourse in Arguments in Favor of a County ID

The Digital Citizen: Debates on Citizenship in the Era of Digitization

The Individual in Global Democracies: Technology and Pro-Social Action

The Paradox of Racialized Cultural Citizenship: Exploring Theories of Race as Technology Alongside Theories of Cultural Citizenship

Where Have All the Robots Gone? Automation, the Humanization of Work, and the Automobile Industry in the Long 1970s

Xenophobia and Democratic Citizenship in South Africa


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