Book Prize

The Center for the Study of Citizenship at

Wayne State University

announces the 2022 biennial

Book Prize in the Study of Citizenship 

The Center for the Study of Citizenship at Wayne State University, the premier global institution dedicated to the interdisciplinary study and promotion of citizenship, offers its book prize for the best book on citizenship published in the previous two years. The Center welcomes nominations that consider citizenship, broadly defined as membership in communities, in the context of any geographic area or time period and from any disciplinary perspective, including but not limited to sociology, economics, politics, history, literature, communications, education, media studies, legal studies, environmental studies, public health, or the arts.

The Book Award in the Study of Citizenship is given biennially to a book that illuminates the study of citizenship in a fresh, thought provoking, and engaging manner. The Book Award recognizes books published during the previous two calendar years. Nominations for the award are made to the Center for the Study of Citizenship at Wayne State University by advisors, authors, and publishers. Selection of the winning book is made by a three-person selection committee, which changes biennially.

The winner will be announced at the Annual Conference in Citizenship Studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in March 2022. The winner will be invited to speak at the 2022 conference and support for travel expenses will be provided. Books published between September 2018 and September 2021 are eligible for consideration and nominations may be made by publishers or individuals. The postmark deadline for entries is September 1, 2021.  Four copies of nominated works should be sent to:

Center for the Study of Citizenship
Wayne State University
3157 Faculty Administration Building
656 W. Kirby  
Detroit, MI 48202

Prior Awards:

2013 Book Prize Winner

2015 Book Prize Winners

2017 Book Prize Winner



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