Center for the Study of Citizenship

Chronological Event Listing

Event Date Event Type Event Name
04/20/2018 Citizen Dialogue Citizen Dialogue: How Do We Make Our Schools Safe?
04/12/2018 Conferences 15th Conference - Religion
01/29/2018 Citizen Dialogue Citizen Dialogue: Gerrymandering
01/10/2018 Special Events Let Them Buy Cake - Religious Liberty, Discrimination, and the Masterpiece Cakeshop Case
10/19/2017 Citizen Dialogue Citizen Dialogue: Immigration
09/14/2017 Constitution Day Civic Festival 2017 - Violence
03/30/2017 Conferences 14th Conference - Violence
02/23/2017 Citizen Dialogue Citizen Dialogue: Refugees in America
10/17/2016 Citizen Dialogue Citizen Dialogue: Guns in Michigan
09/15/2016 Constitution Day Civic Festival 2016 - Elections
03/31/2016 Conferences 13th Conference - Gender
09/17/2015 Constitution Day Civic Festival 2015
03/12/2015 Conferences 12th Conference - Governance
09/17/2014 Constitution Day Weaving Citizenship Into the Star-Spangled Banner
03/20/2014 Conferences 11th Conference - Place, (Dis)Place and Citizenship
11/11/2013 Special Events Citizen-Soldiers & a Grateful Nation: Veterans Care & the Postwar Politics of Obligation & Care
10/17/2013 Corporate Business & the Revitalization of Detroit
09/23/2013 Special Events The Role of the League of Arab States in the Arab Spring Countries and U.S. Policies in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring
09/17/2013 Constitution Day Citizenship and Civic Engagement in U.S. Higher Education
09/11/2013 Special Events Citizenship Across the Curriculum
04/17/2013 Special Events Religion & Ethnicity, Diaspora & Identity
04/07/2013 Special Events Global Imaginaries/Individual Realities: Shirin Ebadi
03/21/2013 Conferences 10th Conference - Meaning
02/04/2013 Special Events A National Day of Courage
11/08/2012 Corporate Corporate Citizenship & Leadership
09/27/2012 Special Events Debating Same-Sex Marriage
09/19/2012 Constitution Day Citizens United and its Impact on American Politics
06/26/2012 Special Events Henry Ford's War on Jews and the Legal Battle Against Hate Speech
03/29/2012 Conferences 9th Conference - Generations
10/27/2011 Corporate Higher Education and the Future of Democracy
09/13/2011 Constitution Day Cultural Anxiety, Collective Identity: Muslims and Citizenship in the United States and Western Europe
04/13/2011 Corporate Corporate Citizenship in the Age of Enron and Madoff
04/01/2011 Conferences 8th Conference - Bodies
10/25/2010 Corporate The Selling of the American Economy: How Foreign Companies are Remaking the American Dream
09/16/2010 Constitution Day Are Corporations Citizens?: Citizens United and the Future of American Democracy
04/08/2010 Conferences 7th Conference - Networks
02/02/2010 Special Events Civility in a Fractured Society
11/12/2009 Special Events Brave New World of Journalism
10/05/2009 Corporate The Financial Crisis: a Year Later
09/17/2009 Constitution Day Lincoln, Obama and the State of the American Union
03/27/2009 Conferences 6th Conference - Representing
10/20/2008 Corporate Business and the Environment
09/17/2008 Constitution Day Seaborne Citizens: What 10,000 Captive Sailors Taught America About Its Revolution
03/26/2008 Conferences 5th Conference - Boundaries
03/03/2008 Special Events Citizen Media and the Civic Journalist
11/30/2007 Special Events Virtual Citizenship Symposium
10/11/2007 Corporate Diversity
09/17/2007 Constitution Day Detaining them Beyond Our Boundaries: "Enemy Combatants" and the Quest for a Law-Free Zone
03/01/2007 Conferences 4th Conference - Race
01/22/2007 Special Events Citizenship, National Identity and Genocide
11/08/2006 Special Events Race, Citizenship, and Cinema
10/12/2006 Special Events Why the Race to Racialize Medicine is Better Lost
09/13/2006 Constitution Day Race, Citizenship, and the Constitution: Beyond Black and White
04/01/2006 Special Events Theatre and Citizenship Series: Antony and Cleopatra
03/31/2006 Conferences 3rd New Scholarship Conference - Gender
02/13/2006 Special Events Same Sex Marriage: A Civil Debate
11/04/2005 Corporate Gender
09/14/2005 Constitution Day Gender and the Constitution
04/06/2005 Special Events Justice American Style: Citizenship, Civil Liberties, and Muslims in the United States After 9/11
02/25/2005 Conferences 2nd New Scholarship Conference - Crisis
01/31/2005 Special Events Can We Win in Iraq? The 7,000 Year Perspective
01/24/2005 Special Events Securities, Liberties and Trade-Offs in the War on Terrorism
12/04/2004 Special Events Theatre and Citizenship Series: Mother Courage
11/08/2004 Corporate Corporate Citizenship and the Law
09/10/2004 Special Events 9/11 Memorial Lecture: Academic Freedom After 9/11
04/08/2004 Special Events Theatre and Citizenship Series: The Kentucky Cycle
03/24/2004 Special Events Brown V. Board of Education Symposium
02/27/2004 Conferences New Scholars' Conference in Citizenship Studies
02/09/2004 Special Events "Reshaping our Energy Future: The Apollo Project and Energy Independence for America"
09/11/2003 Conferences Our Inaugural Conference: The Many Faces of Patriotism


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