Citizenship in the Humanities and Social Sciences: A Selective Bibliography, 2000-2009

James E. Van Loon and Hermina G.B. Anghelescu, Editors

Citizenship in the Humanities and Social Sciences is a selective bibliography consisting of citations to works published during the years 2000-2009 on citizenship-related topics in the humanities and social sciences. Primarily consisting of books/chapters and scholarly journal articles, the bibliography also includes other materials (case studies, reports, dissertations, and working papers) for which scholarship, authority and relevance have been established. Most cited works were published in the English language, although articles published in other languages using a Latin alphabet are also included. Citations were retrieved during January – March 2010 from a variety of aggregated databases accessed through the Wayne State University Library System, including ProQuest, EbscoHost, and WorldCat.

The works are grouped by associated field of study (e.g., Citizenship and Anthropology), further grouped by reference type and language, and listed alphabetically by author, which facilitates browsing the works in a given field of study. The list has been developed in Adobe PDF format, which allows text searching and bookmarked browsing through the use of the Adobe Reader application.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of citizenship studies, some works are relevant to several subject areas; citations for such works are listed in the bibliography in multiple places, under all relevant subject areas.

The citizenship bibliography is a work in progress which will grow retrospectively. Citizenship scholars are invited to suggest entries by forwarding bibliographic citations to the editor (James E. Van Loon,

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