Citizenship for Health Program

The Citizenship for Health program arose from activities within the Center for the Study of Citizenship (CSC) at WSU. The Center organized meetings with leaders from the School of Medicine, the School of Social Work, the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that lasted through 2016. Those meetings led to refinement of the concept and toward a retreat with Detroit citizen leaders from a broad array of backgrounds and organizations.

The leadership team that emerged includes Malcolm Cutchin (Applebaum School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and Co-Chair), Parada Jordan (Integrative Biosciences Center), Michael Kral (Social Work), Marc Kruman (CSC, History, and Co-Chair), Aimée Moran (CSC), Joanne Smith-Darden (Social Work) and Joanne Sobeck (Social Work).

We are making rapid progress, so please return to this page often for further developments.

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