Book Series in Citizenship Studies - Information for Potential Authors

The Series in Citizenship Studies is an inter-departmental book series that works across disciplinary boundaries to explore topics in the emerging field of citizenship studies from a variety of political, social, economic, and cultural perspectives.

Marc Kruman, director of the WSU Center for the Study of Citizenship and co-editor of the series, says, “The urgent need to understand citizenship at the dawn of the new millennium has encouraged many people around the globe to consider questions of identity, group membership, status, rights, and obligations. WSU’s Center for the Study of Citizenship aims to assume a leadership role in the creation and development of this new field.”

Please visit to see the titles currently available in the series.

Proposals may be sent by email or post to:

Marc Kruman, Co-Editor
Center for the Study of Citizenship
Wayne State University
3157 FAB
656 W. Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202


Proposals should include as much of the following as possible:

  • Description of the work, including its focus, scope, purpose, and/or argument, the contribution it makes or the need it fills; and its intended audience(s).
  • Tentative table of contents, with brief chapter synopses if possible.
  • Specific details of the planned project, including estimated length (word count), planned photos, maps or other illustrative material, any other special features of the work, as well as when you expect to have a complete manuscript.
  • Author information, including name and contact information for all author/volume editors. Enclose a current resume, curriculum vita, or bio for each author/volume editor. If the work is a contributed volume, include brief bios of any known contributors.
  • Sample chapter or two, or sample pages that illustrate your writing style.
  • Please submit complete manuscripts by request only.


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