Center Staff and Fellows 

Saeed A. Khan
Research Fellow

Saeed A. Khan is currently in the Department of History and Lecturer in the Department of Near East & Asian Studies at Wayne State University- Detroit, Michigan, where he teaches Islamic and Middle East and History, Islamic Civilizations and History of Islamic Political Thought. He is also Adjunct Professor in Islamic Studies at the University of Detroit-Mercy and at Rochester College, co-teaching a course on Muslim-Christian Diversity.

With areas of focus including US policy, globalization, Middle East and Islamic Studies, as well as genomics and bioethics, Mr. Khan has been a contributor to several media agencies, such as C-Span, NPR, Voice of America and the National Press Club, as well as newspapers and other outlets, and is also a consultant on Islamic and Middle East affairs for the BBC. In addition, he has served as consultant to the US-Arab Economic Forum.

Most recently, Mr. Khan has founded the Center for the Study of Trans-Atlantic Diasporas, a think tank and policy center examining and comparing the condition of ethnic immigrant groups in North America and Europe, consulting the US and UK governments on their respective Muslim communities.

In the News

Richard Marback
Research Fellow
Citizenship Conference Chair

Richard Marback is professor of English at Wayne State University and a research fellow in the Center for the Study of Citizenship. His publications in both citizenship studies and rhetorical studies consider the embodiment, enactment, and emplacement of civic participation.


 Secil Elitok

Secil Pacaci Elitok 
Research Fellow

Secil Pacaci Elitok received her PhD in Economics from the University of Utah (USA) in 2008. From 2009 to 2011 she worked for the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) as a Marie Curie Fellow before joining the Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) as a Mercator-IPC Fellow in 2012.

Before her appointment as research fellow at Center for the Study of Citizenship at Wayne State University (WSU), she worked as post-doctoral research fellow at the MiReKoç (Migration Research Center at Koç University). Dr. Elitok is also visiting adjunct professor at CERES (Center for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies) at Michigan State University. Her main research interests are international migration with a specific focus on migration to and from Turkey, as well as high-skilled migration, return migration and remittances.

Her research at CSC focuses on the role of refugees’ religious identity in Turkey’s response to flows of different ethnic groups. Exemplifying citizenship and integration practices of Syrian refugees in Turkey, her research will focus on the past and current citizenship practices in Turkey in a comparative manner, offer an important platform to assess selective citizenship policy of Turkey which is inclusive towards certain privileged groups (Sunni Muslims with high skills and finances) and exclusive towards certain ethnic and religious groups.






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