Meet Our Students!

 A lifelong Detroiter, Jessica Hinton (BA 2014) works at Detroit Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) as Administrative Program Assistant. She is responsible for collecting data from LISC's various programs, processing and monitoring program actions, disbursing grants, and maintaining program records. Hinton previously worked at MOSES as Project Coordinator. She will join the MUP program in Fall 2017.
 MUP candidate Kaci Jackson works as a Mortgage Loan Processor with Opportunity Resource Fund, a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) in Detroit. The organization works to process, underwrite and fund the Detroit 0% Home Repair Loan, which is administered by LISC and funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. A licensed loan officer and real estate agent, Jackson was impressed by OCR’s record in the community. Recently, Jackson won two scholarships through the ESA Foundation, and also was awarded the George and Nancy Galster Endowed Scholarship which recognizes all round excellence among DUSP graduate students. 
 A senior majoring in urban studies and public affairs, Kate Parrington is currently interning with Detroit’s Planning and Development Department. She recently sat on a student panel to discuss talent retention in Detroit and what makes the city attractive to young working professionals, moderated by Kim Trent, at Downtown Detroit Partnership’s annual meeting. The meeting was attended by 1,000 people, including Mayor Mike Duggan. Parrington was referred for the panel by Senior Lecturer Jeff Horner and Professor Robin Boyle.

Drew Lucco (BA 2015) is current MUP candidate and is a Small Buisness Development Manager at the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC). He manages the Space Track of the Motor City Match Program where he matches new and expanding businesses with vacant commercial space. He works on small business sustainability issues and connecting business and building owners with financing for green infrastructure and energy efficiency projects. He also works in conjuncture with the city departments of Housing and Revitalization as well as Planning and Development on neighborhood planning studies in the city's central and east regions. 


Above are the Wayne State students that attended the 2018 Michigan Assosciation of Planning Student Conference at Eastern Michigan University. This photo was featured on the MAP facebook and represents the future of planning at Wayne State. 




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