Department of Urban Studies and Planning OPEN HOUSE

Interested in the Master of Urban Planning (MUP) or the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Urban Studies degrees at Wayne State University?

Talk to our world-renowned, award-winning faculty about your interests, and opportunities in these fields!


Come to our Open House, Tuesday, April 26, 3 to 6 PM, in the 3rd Floor Atrium of the Faculty Administration Building (Click here to locate the building on the campus map)


Check out a flyer for the MUP Open House.

Who should come to the MUP Open House? Graduating seniors interested in cities, community development, and the urban environment—i.e., from history, economics, anthropology, political science, public administration, sociology, criminal justice, social work, business, engineering, environmental studies, etc.—and rising seniors (with 90 plus credits), juniors, and others with similar interests.


Check out a flyer for the BA in Urban Studies Open House.

Who should come to the BA in Urban Studies Open House? Any undergraduate student who is interested in cities and metropolitan areas--how urban communities are formed and how they change; what makes them viable and interesting; and how they fit in our global society--should come by and chat with our professors and students. Majors in history, economics, political science, anthropology, sociology, biology, environmental sciences, social work, business, and others may wish to consider Urban Studies as a second major. Or you are still undecided about your major and may wish to make Urban Studies your primary major.

Save time and money! Combine your BA in Urban Studies with an MUP by having up to 16 credits count towards both degrees! Click to learn how, through the AGRADE Program! Come talk to us at the Open House about this program!

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