Minor in Urban Sustainability

 The Minor in Urban Sustainability will provide students with an opportunity to further their understanding of the myriad issues in fostering environmental preservation, equity, and economic development (the 3-Es of sustainability) in urban areas, while providing them with a foundation for advancing their academic and professional interests in the many directions related to sustainability. The minor requires the completion of 18 credits.

Required Courses (11 credits)

All Urban Sustainability minors are required to take the following courses:

US 2000 (4) Introduction to Urban Studies

(Equivalent: GPH 2000, HIS 2000, PS 2000, SOC 2500): Offered every semester, including summers

GPH 3130 (4) Introductory Urban Geography Offered winter

UP 4460 (3) Sustainable Cities: Offered fall

Elective Classes

Students must select two courses from the following list:

ANT 5060 Urban Anthropology (3): Offered yearly

BIO 3500 Ecology and the Environment (3): Offered fall

BIO 5540 Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology (3): Offered biannually

ENG 5795 Topics in Rhetoric and Writing (3) (when offered as Environmental Rhetorics; not repeatable for additional credits): Offered irregularly

GEL 3100 Environmental Systems Analysis (4): Offered fall

GPH 3600 Geographic Information Systems (4): Offered fall, winter, spring/summer

HIS 5425 American Environmental History (3): Offered fall

HIS 5540/GLS 5540 (4): World Environmental History Since 1900: Offered fall or winter

HIS 5665 Global Cities (3): Offered irregularly

HIS 5725 African Cities (4): Offered winter

PS 2420 Ethics and Politics of Public Policy (4): Offered yearly

PS 4460 Techniques of Policy Analysis (4): Offered yearlyPS 3450 Environmental Policy and Politics (4): Offered biannually

SOC 2205 Sociology of the Environment (3)

SOC 2300 Social Inequality (3): Offered yearly

SOC 2510 People on the Move (3): Offered biannually

UP 4210 Urban Design Elements (3): Offered biannually (course exists at graduate level; application filed to propose this 4000-level undergraduate version)

UP 5430 Cities and Food (3): Offered biannually

UP 5670 Modern American Cities (4): Offered irregularly

Student Responsibility:  Each Urban Sustainability minor is expected to meet regularly with the department advisor to ensure that he/she is making adequate progress in the program. Although the advisor will provide assistance in course planning, the responsibility for completing minor requirements remains with the student. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Stacie Moser, Academic Advisor III, Email: stacie.moser@wayne.edu, Phone: 313-577-2355, Office: 2248 Faculty Administration Building (FAB), Main Office: 313-577-2930

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Minor in Urban Sustainability 6/30/2018
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