The Department of Urban Studies and Planning offers a range of courses in both graduate and undergraduate programs of study that are at the forefront of WSU’s urban mission. Our graduate programs are the Master of Urban Planning, MUP and Graduate Certificate in Economic Development. For undergraduates, we offer a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies as well as two minors, the Minor in Urban Studies and the Minor in Urban Sustainability.

The nationally accredited Master of Urban Planning degree offers a rigorous curriculum that focuses on the condition, problems, and opportunities in urban America, and equips students with knowledge about theories, methods, and practice of planning so that they may achieve the highest professional standards and be of the greatest service to their communities.

The Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary course of study in which students gain a firm grounding in knowledge about cities and metropolitan areas: their history and spatial patterns; their social, economic, and political life; their greatest challenges and opportunities. We study cities around the world as well as in our own backyard to understand city life and find solutions to urban problems.

The Minor in Urban Studies offers a streamlined version of that urban-focused interdisciplinary experience to students in other majors.

The Minor in Urban Sustainability shares the urban emphasis, but focuses more closely on environmental issues in the city, including the impacts of climate change on cities and environmental justice.

The Economic Development Certificate is designed for students who wish to combine a graduate degree (Master's or Ph.D.) with a specialty in urban, regional and state economic development. Eligible students are those who already have a graduate degree, or who are pursuing graduate studies in one of five units on campus: Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, Industrial Relations, and Urban Planning.


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