Welcome to the Developmental Psychobiology Lab at Wayne State University

PI: Susanne Brummelte, PhD.


Our current research focuses on the effects of early adverse life experience on brain development and the subsequent behavioral and neuroanatomical changes in both males and females.


We are particularly interested in the consequences of exposure to depression, stress or glucocorticoids during pregnancy or the postpartum period and how this effects the brain neurochemistry and stress responsivity later in life. Further, we will study the effects of early pain exposure as well as medications such as anti-depressants on brain development, using rats as the animal model of choice. The research addresses important questions on how exposure to early adverse conditions, such as pharmacological treatments, can influence the maturation of the nervous system and the long-term outcome of the offspring.


We are part of the Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciene Area of Psychology and are affiliated with the Translational Neurosciene Program of Wayne State. The lab is located in the Biological Sciences Building.



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