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Assessing Your Academic Success (or lack thereof)

Date: 2/2/2016
Author: Cody Bailey
Posted February 2, 2016


Hello all, 

As some of you may have seen in yesterday's GEO-ESP Outreach email, EAA grades have begun to be posted in your classes; this term, there has been an emphasis on getting grades posted sooner than in previous terms, to give you all a head's up earlier. While I will be reaching out to students with multiple sub-par grades on an individual basis later this week, do not delay - if you believe you have an issue, get help now! 

There are Six Signs of Academic Difficulty you should pay attention to: 

  1. ​You don't understand the course syllabus; 
  2. You can't keep up with the reading assignments; 
  3. You don't understand the connection between the lecture and the textbook; 
  4. You are getting low or failing grades on quizzes, tests, or writing assignments; 
  5. You don't consistently complete assignments on time because you don't know how to get started; and, 
  6. You feel lost or confused about the subject matter. 
If you fit into any one (or more) of these categories, you should consider the following remedies: 

Wayne State University has several, FREE services to assist students who may be struggling academically. Here is a sample of available options for help:

In addition to this academic support services, Wayne State also offers many other FREE services for students with additional needs, including: 
A copy of this email will be posted on both the Geology and Environmental Science websites, in the News section. If you are concerned about your Academic Progress and do not know where to go, please consider coming to me for help - I can't fix every problem, but I'll certainly be here to listen and point you in the right direction.