The Wayne State University Environmental Science Program was established in 2003.  It originated as a collaborative effort among faculty members from the Departments of Geology and Biological Sciences who recognized an increasing need to address environmental problems in urban areas. By adopting an environmental focus for our teaching and research, we give our students opportunities to help identify, quantify, and model natural and anthropogenic processes affecting urban ecosystems. We stress an interdisciplinary approach to understanding environmental systems, and Wayne State’s location in the heart of Detroit – an urban setting with an expanding metropolitan area and a long history of industrial activity – provides ample opportunities to use our surroundings as natural laboratories for many of our investigations.

Our Program is designed to prepare students for careers or graduate study in the environmental field while promoting research that crosses interdisciplinary lines. Entry level career opportunities for students earning a B.S. in Environmental Science include environmental impact assessment, land and water quality management, regulatory compliance, and remediation. Our graduates are employed by local, state and federal governments, by environmental consulting firms, and by construction and civil engineering companies. Many employers favor masters-level graduates, and some of our students aspire to doctoral level academic careers. Therefore, another important objective of our program is to provide its graduates with the foundation they need to succeed in graduate programs in the environmental sciences.

Our Program is small and we strive to maintain a collegiate atmosphere where our students feel comfortable interacting with each other and their instructors. We currently have approximately 110 undergraduate Environmental Science majors and nine full-time faculty members steering the Environmental Science Program (four from Biology and five from Geology). We stress academic excellence in all of our pursuits, but still find time to promote a socially vibrant learning community. Many of our students are active in the student-led Geology and Environmental Science Club. If you are a student considering a career in Environmental Science, we invite you to contact us for more information on our program.

Dan Kashian, Director

WSU Environmental Science Program

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