So, just what exactly is Environmental Science?

The Environmental Science Program combines both geological and biological perspectives to give students an interdisciplinary approach to the subject. It is the only undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree program addressing environmental issues at WSU. In keeping with the mission of the university, this program distinguishes itself from other programs in the state by focusing on the urban environment and urban impacts on the environment. Consequently, the program addresses environmental issues and examples from Southeastern Michigan. 

The Environmental Science Program prepares students for graduate study or careers in various areas of environmental science including:

  • Environmental impact assessment,
  • Environmental remediation and compliance,
  • Waste management, 
  • Soil science, 
  • Air and water quality management,
  • Planning and conservation,
  • Environmental education and communication, and,
  • Environmental law (along with a pre-law curriculum). 

Graduates from the Environmental Science Program are needed by local, state and federal governments, by environmental consulting firms, and by construction and civil engineering companies. In many cases, employers favor masters-level graduates, so an important objective of this program is to provide graduates with the prerequisites for admission to M.S. programs in Environmental Sciences. This major also serves education students seeking to become science teachers certified in Environmental Science.

Environmental science is a field that continues to grow. Greater public recognition of environmental problems coupled with recent concerns about global warming and national security are creating a demand for environmental scientists and a need for an environmental science resource to serve the Detroit metropolitan area. This program provides a visible focus for environmental research at WSU. Its emphasis on geological and biological aspects of environmental science complements the existing focus on human health and chemical toxicology in the WSU Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. 


Our Undergraduate Program

Wayne State offers a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. As part of the program, students will complete a core curriculum, including coursework from Geology and Biological Sciences, along with a cognate curriculum, comprising coursework from Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. 

An overview of the major requirements is available on the Degree Requirements page. 

Unfortunately we do not offer a minor or Graduate Program in Environmental Science at this time. 

Is Our Program the Right Fit for You? 

Our program is best designed for students who fit the following criteria: 

  • Are committed to being a students in a rigorous educational program; 
  • Enjoy spending time outdoors - many of our classes have field components to them; 
  • Are comfortable and/or interested in working in a lab setting - many of our classes have a lab section along with lecture
  • Can be flexible with regards to their other commitments, such as work schedule or family commitments.

If you want to know more about how this program might suit you, you should meet with our Academic Advisor

Want to know more about a potential major in Environmental Science? Watch this short video: 

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