Are you interested in transferring to Wayne State University? 

Transfer students who plan well can seamlessly maneuver between one institution and another by taking appropriate steps. Several resources for assistanting transfer students are available on the Transfer Credit Evaluation website.

Students who are considering transferring to Wayne State University are strongly encouraged to meet with the academic advisor for whichever program they are considering. Information for Academic Advising in Environmental Science is available here.

Sending Transcripts

If you plan on applying to Wayne State University as a Transfer student, you will need to send a copy of your official transcript for all institutions you previously attended.

If you would like to send your transcripts electronically, your transferring institution should send them to:

If you elect to send your transcripts via traditional mail, your transferring institution should send them to: 
Wayne State University
Transfer Credit Evaluation
P.O. Box 02759
Detroit, MI  48202-0759
Additional questions about transfer credit may be e-mailed to

Placement Exams

Students transfering to Wayne State University may need to take one or more placement exams for placement into courses that involve a sequence. For Transfer students pursuing the degree in Environmental Science, the most likely exams needed would include the following: 

May additional exams are available through our Testing, Evaluation & Research Services division. 

Students who wish to test into a language sequence (required for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences), should contact the Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures (CMLLC) department for more information on the language exam of interest. 

Identifying Course Equivalencies

If prior to sending your official transcript you would like to know how a course from your current or previous institution would transfer to Wayne State University, you can use the Equivaleny Tables to determine what courses you would receive credit for. Please note, Wayne State University does not accept transfer coursework for courses with a grade of "C-" or below. 

Sending AP Scores

Only official score reports sent directly to Wayne State are considered for credit. Credit is not awarded based on the credit awarded by another institution and placed on that institution's transcript. The student need only request the score be sent to Wayne State, the code is 1898. To request official score reports the student can contact: (609) 771-7300 or (TTY) (609) 882- 4118 or visit their website at 

WSU Advanced Placement Policy for Granting Credit

Options for Students Planning to Transfer

MACRAO and MTA Agreements

MACRAO Agreements are typically reserved for students who began taking classes prior to Fall 2014. Once you have received the MACRAO certification on your Michigan community college transcript, or earned an Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Liberal Arts (ALA), Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Baccalaureate Studies (ABS) degree, from your Michigan community college you will have your Wayne State general education requirements satisfied (You will still need to satisfy any other school, college, or major requirement). Additional information about MACRAO Agreements is available here

The Michigan Transfer Agreement is similar to MACRAO and applies to students who began Fall 2014 or later. A student whose community college transcript is endorsed as "MTA satisfied" has satisfied WSU's General Education Requirements and will only be required to satisfy one of the remaining General Education courses: either (1) a second course in English Composition, or (2) a course in Communications. Once you have received the MTA endorsement on your Michigan community college transcript you will have your Wayne State general education requirements satisfied. Additional information about the Michigan Transfer Agreement is available here

Comparing MACRAO and MTA 

Transfer Plans for Environmental Science (links updated 6/21/17)

Transfer plans help guide you in making the transition from community college to Wayne State University. Here are links to Transfer Plans for the Environmental Science Program: 

Reverse Transfer Agreement

Reverse transfer is for students who have transferred from a two-year community college to Wayne State before earning their associate's degree.  Credits completed at Wayne State are transferred back to your community college and  used to satisfy the degree requirements for your associate's degree.

Additional information about Reverse Transfer Agreements is available here.  

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