Environmental Science Program

The Environmental Science Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the subject by combining courses from the Departments of Biological Sciences and Geology. The curriculum consists of core and environmental Geology courses that examine the characteristics and management of geological resources, geological hazards and environmental pollution. The curriculum includes courses from Biological Sciences that involve the study of macro– and micro-biota, and ecological analysis of environ-mental systems. Candidates for the B. S. degrees in Environmental Science must complete 120 credits of course work including satisfaction of the College Group Requirements and the University General Education Requirements, in addition to Environmental Science major requirements.

Students are encouraged to use Degree Works to track their current degree progress. Degree Works can be accessed via Academica (a.wayne.edu) beneath the Student Resources tab. Additional information about Degree Works can be found here: wayne.edu/degreeworks.

Degree Works is NOT a substitution for seeing your Academic Advisor.

Students are expected to see their Advisor at least once per semester to track their degree progress and to address any concerns they may have about how courses are categorized within Degree Works. 

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Degree

Degree Requirements

Graduate In 4-Years Plan

     Explaining the Cognate Requirements


General Education Requirements (required for all CLAS majors)


Supplemental Resources

Program Brochure


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