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    Introducing Our New B.A. in Mathematical Economics Program
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    Careers in Economics
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    Our faculty conduct research in a variety of areas
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    Summer Internships
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    Interested in graduate studies in Economics?
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    Pursue a degree in Urban Sustainability and Economics

Welcome to the Wayne State Economics Department!

The Wayne State Economics Department is actively engaged in teaching, research, and community service related to economics.

Our department offers the following programs.  

  • B.A. in Economimcs
  • B.A. in Mathematical Economics
  • Minor in Economics
  • M.A. in Economics
  • Ph.D. in Economics

Each program gives students a foundation for analyzing economic phenomena, understanding how economies work, and assessing economic policy proposals.  Graduates are well prepared for a variety of opportunities including graduate programs (medical school, law school, business school) and careers involving economic analysis.

Our faculty are engaged in a variety of research topics, which include:

  • Analysis of trucking and transportation.
  • Economic analysis of the effect of health care policy on the cost of care and health outcomes.
  • Analysis of pricing strategies of firms.
  • Effects of economic growth on income inequality
  • Predicting what kinds of events will affect oil prices

To learn more about our program and opportunities, browse through our website or make an appointment with one of our advisors:

We look forward to meeting you and talking with you about your future plans.

Kevin Cotter, Department Chair