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Economics Students Invited To Join Phi Beta Kappa

Date: 4/9/2018

The following undergraduates from the Department of Economics have been selected as members in course to receive an invitation to join Phi Beta Kappa:

Saraf Wamia Sadique

Lukas Georg Seifert

Rody Momtaz Younis

Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's oldest academic honor society (founded December 5, 1776); it celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. It is a highly selective honor: Only 10% of universities are awarded a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and no school may elect more than 10% of a graduating class. About one college senior out of 100 nationwide will be invited to join Phi Beta Kappa each year.

The honor of becoming a member in course reflects the students' considerable dedication and accomplishments and also those of the educational environment that facilitated the students' development.