Wayne Association of Graduate Economics Students (WAGES) is the Department’s main student organization. Students formed WAGES several decades ago to facilitate their pursuit of advanced degrees.

WAGES is experiencing renewed interest because the department leadership is actively encouraging it to become a more effective vehicle for developing ourselves as researchers and teachers.

To that end, we have put together a short list of objectives.

  • Develop a mission statement and write a constitution.
    • We may want to include language that indicates that WAGES is not engaged in collective bargaining, as that is the function of the university-wide GEOC. We want precise language indicating the purposes of the organization.
    • The constitution ought to indicate how our group operates.
  • WAGES should be self-sustaining. How do we energize it and keep the momentum?
  • We need to design WAGES in such a way that it complements and yet is compatible with the Department.
  • Our group can begin developing a network outside the University to entice businesses to hire our graduates.
  • Our group needs to develop a budget. We would like to be able to have a fund for conference travel and for other activities that will help us develop into professional economists.
Visit the Wayne State University Undergraduate Economics Association (UEA)


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