How to Apply

To apply for our program students must apply ON-LINE.    

General Procedures

  • Applicants from other countries must demonstrate English proficiency by obtaining a score of 550 or better on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
  • Please package all applications materials together for submission.
  • Applicants may initially submit unofficial copies of transcripts and test scores to facilitate the admission process.  Applicants must submit the official documents as soon as possible.
  • Application is free.


Applications are welcomed from students who have majored in disciplines other than economics. Economics issues address a wide range of social behaviors, so the Ph.D. student will find it an advantage in a career as an economist to have a broad intellectual background. However, we expect students beginning the program to arrive with the following preparation:

  • two courses in mathematical calculus.  Additional courses in calculus (including multivariate calculus and integration), as well as linear algebra, are most desirable for Ph.D. work.
  • a course in intermediate microeconomics
  • a course in intermediate macroeconomics
  • one or more courses in statistics

International Students

We urge international students to submit their applications for Fall term as soon as possible, and to follow all procedures regarding registration fees and transcripts.   International students are also urged to provide e-mail addresses, so that they can be easily contacted.  Processing international applications, including translation and verification of transcripts and recommendations, may take two or more months.  Moreover, once accepted, international students may require several months to make appropriate financial and travel plans.  Thus we urge interested international students to contact us early, and to apply as early as possible.'

International Students should also consult the Wayne State Graduate School web pages for international students:


For further details see the Section II D - Admission - Application Procedures section in the Ph.D. Program Policy and Procedures document.


















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