Ph.D. Candidacy

Dissertation Candidacy

 1. Ph.D. Candidacy

Upon successfully completing 50 hours of graduate work, and all four written exams the student will advance to Ph.D. candidacy.

Upon attaining candidacy, the student will either:

  • Sign up for any remaining coursework necessary.
  • Sign up for ECO 9991, 9992, 9993, 9994, or 9995.  As is currently done, the student will sign up for the section of these courses that is assigned to his or her regular faculty supervisor.

The Director of Graduate Studies will urge the student to affiliate with a supervisor as soon as possible.

2. Candidate Status Courses

The Graduate School has instituted four semester candidacy requirements of:

ECO 9991, 9992, 9993, and 9994.  Each of these courses is 7.5 semester hours.  The courses enable the student to continue full-time status toward the 90 hours of work that is required for the Ph.D.

If the student has not finished his/her dissertation by the time ECO 9994 is completed, “maintenance status” of ECO 9995 will occur.  This involves payment of appropriate tuition and fees at the rate of one credit hour per semester

Students enrolled in ECO 9991 – 9994 must:

a. attend dissertation workshop
b. attend all scheduled “outside” seminars

3. Chronological list of degree requirements:





(1) Student    


Completes Plan of Work and submits it to the Department and Graduate School for approval.

(2) Student       

1 – 3  

Completes coursework (or, minimally, about 50 credits) on the Plan of Work

(3) Student

2, 3  

Arranges with department to take the final Qualifying Examination(s).

(4) Grad School   

3, 4 

Advances student to Candidacy after receiving the Recommendation for Doctor of Philosophy Candidacy Status form from the department.

(5) Student   


Prepares dissertation proposal and meets with committee for approval. Turns in form verifying approval to the Graduate School.

(6) Student  

4, 5 

Takes the Oral Exam

 (7) Student   

4, 5

Prepares the dissertation.

(8) Student  

5, 6

Files Application for Degree not later than the first day of class in the term in which she/he expects to graduate.

(9) Student  

5, 6  

Receives committee approval for the dissertation Defense, and Graduate School approval of the dissertation format.

(10) Department   

5, 6 

Arranges date/time/place of final oral and informs the Graduate School one week in advance.

(11) Student   

5, 6   

Presents Defense.

(12) Student  

5, 6  

Submits manuscript to Graduate School.

(13) Department   

5, 6    

Submits grade changes for any incomplete courses to the Graduate School.


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