General Information

Director of Graduate Studies & Director of the Ph.D. Program: Dr. Li Way Lee

The Ph.D. curriculum provides thorough training for future economists through graduate courses, seminars, tutorial instruction, and research workshops. It is designed to give students a solid foundation in economic theory, quantitative methods, and fields of specialization in preparation for careers in universities, research organizations, industry, and financial institutions.

Currently offered fields of specialization are Health Economics, Labor and Human Resources, and Industrial Organizaiton.

The Ph.D. degree offered by the Economics Department is a scholarly degree. It indicates not only a superior knowledge of economics, but also intellectual initiative and an ability to design and to carry out independent research. Our Ph.D. curriculum is solidly grounded in techniques of economic analysis, with important applications in a wide variety of applied fields.  The program usually involves three years of course work, followed by one to two more years of effort on doctoral research. Because the program is rigorous and adheres to strict timetables, it is unusual to combine doctoral study with full-time employment.

A limited number of teaching and research assistantships providing tuition, stipends, and health insurance are available each year to new Ph.D. students.

Ph.D. graduates are in demand at universities, corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies.

Contact Information

Director of Graduate Studies (Ph.D. Program)
Li Way Lee

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Geraldine White

Department Secretary
Ms. Cheri Miller

Department of Economics
Wayne State University
656 W. Kirby, 2074 FAB
Detroit , Michigan 48202
Telephone: 313-577-3345
Fax: 313-577-9564

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