Meet John Mohyi

John Mohyi

Major:   Economics 

What are you doing now, and what are your career plans?

I currently own and operate a startup company in the San Diego area primarily focused on miniature personal drone technologies consistent with the FAA NextGen authorization bill. I also have aspirations to study law.


How have the economic courses and training you had at Wayne State been helpful to you?

I began studying Economics to learn about money, and I graduated knowing how to think. For me, Economics is the chemistry of rational thought and it provided me with valuable insights and thinking strategies which I apply to every aspect of my life. The wealth of knowledge and accessibility of the professors really contributed to the quality of learning I experienced in the Wayne State University Economics Program and I highly recommend it for students who value depth of thought.


What advice would you have for current and future students in economics?

Don’t just get a degree; build the foundation for a lifelong education. 

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Meet John Mohyi 8/13/2014
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