Faculty:  50 full-time faculty – 35 tenure-line:  14 Professors (1 endowed DeRoy Chair, 2 Distinguished Professors), 11 Associate Professors, 10 Assistant Professors; 15 Lecturers

  • specializations in literary and cultural studies, film and media studies, rhetoric and composition studies, linguistics, creative writing

Degrees Awarded:  BA English (BA w/ Honors), MA and PhD in English (PhD concentrations in literary and cultural studies, film and media studies, rhetoric and composition studies)

Undergraduate Program:  approximately +180 enrolled majors/year

  • BA graduation rate – 65/year
  • traditional and contemporary liberal arts curriculum in English Studies
  • new BA curriculum in 2012-13 – introductory courses in theories and methods, surveys, topics courses, senior seminar
  • General Education – Philosophy and Letters (10), including surveys and literature & writing courses; Visual and Performing Arts (1), (Film); Foreign Culture (Linguistics)

General Education Composition Program:  approximately 250+ sections/year

  • Gen Ed Written Competency requirement:  Basic Composition (BC), Intermediate Composition (IC), Writing Intensive in the majors (WI)
  • BC courses:  ENG 1010 (remedial), ENG 1020
  • IC courses:  literature & writing courses, ENG 3010 (writing across the curriculum), ENG 3020 (service learning), ENG 3050-ENG 3060 (technical communication)
  • WSU Writing Center (free tutoring for all WSU grad and undergrad students)

Graduate Program:  approximately 60 active PhD students, 160 active MA students

  • MA graduation rate – 13/year
  • PhD graduation rate – 6/year
  • strong PhD placement record in rhetoric and composition studies and British Literature

Strengths:  research-oriented faculty, highly productive (2005-2012:  51 books, 113 articles in peer reviewed journals, 162 chapters in edited collections); innovative PhD and BA curricula; strong commitment to graduate and undergraduate teaching, including General Education; many service contributions (Department, College, University).

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