Our faculty specialize in literary and cultural studies, film and new media studies, rhetoric and composition studies, linguistics, and creative writing.

We are proud to have a research-oriented faculty which is highly productive. Our faculty members have written a number of books, articles in peer reviewed journals, and chapters in edited collections.

Recently published books include:

Chera Kee - Not Your Average Zombie: Rehumanizing the Undead from Voodoo to Zombie Walks (University of Texas Press, 2017) Robert D. Aguirre - Mobility and Modernity: Panama in the Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Imagination (Ohio State University Press, 2017)
M.L. Liebler - I Want to Be Once (Wayne State University Press, 2016) Barrett Watten - Questions of Poetics: Language Writing and Consequences (University of Iowa Press, 2016)
Simone Chess- Male to Female Crossdressing in Early Modern English Literature: Gender, Performance, and Queer Relations (Routledge, 2016) John Patrick Leary - A Cultural History of Underdevelopment: Latin America in the U.S. Imagination (University of Virginia Press, 2016)
Lisa Ze Winters - The Mulatta Concubine: Terror, Intimacy, Freedom, and Desire in the Black Transatlantic (University of Georgia Press, 2016) Steven Shaviro - Discognition (Repeater Books, 2016)
Lesley Brill - The Ironic Filmmaking of Stephen Frears (Bloomsbury, 2016)   renée c. hoogland, Ed. -  Gender: Sources, Perspectives, and Methodologies (Macmillan Reference USA, 2016) 


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