B.A. in English Honors

The English Honors Program offers an alternative way to fulfill the requirements of an English major. Open to students with a strong academic record (3.3 or better University HPA; 3.5 or better in English major), superior writing ability, and eagerness to participate in discussions and to study a subject in depth, the English Honors Program has three distinct advantages over the conventional English major: flexibility, the opportunity for seminar work, and the opportunity to work closely with faculty.

Students who wish to become candidates for degrees with honors in English are encouraged to consult early with the Department of English Undergraduate Advisor. Schedule an online appointment at wams.wayne.edu or contact Royanne Smith at ad2073@wayne.edu.


Candidates for the English Honors Program may be recommended by members of the faculty, or students may nominate themselves. To apply for honors, print and fill out this form and turn it in to the English Department with your letter, writing sample, and a copy of your current transcript (unofficial is fine). A letter of recommendation from a Department of English faculty member is required and should be sent directly to the English Honors Liaison by the recommender.

Professor Lisa Ze Winters

Department of English Honors Liaison

5057 Woodward Ave., Ste. 9408

Detroit, MI 48202

E-mail: bb4183@wayne.edu

Once you are accepted, the English Undergraduate Advisor will contact WSU’s Records Office to have the departmental honors designation added to your degree program.

English Honors B.A. Requirements

1. Theories and Methods. Any two of the following:

ENG 3085 -- Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing: Cr. 3.
ENG 3090 -- Introduction to Cultural Studies: Cr. 3.
ENG 3100 -- Introduction to Literary Studies: Cr. 3.
ENG 3800 -- Introduction to Creative Writing: Cr. 3.

2. Literature survey courses. One from each category (early and late):

Early (choose one)

ENG 3110 -- (PL) English Literature to 1700: Cr. 3
ENG 3130 -- (PL) American Literature to 1865:Cr. 3

Late (choose one)

ENG 3120 -- (PL) English Literature after 1700: Cr. 3
ENG 3140 -- (PL) American Literature after 1865: Cr. 3
ENG 3470 -- (PL) Survey of African-American Literature: Cr. 3

3. Communities and Cultures. One upper-division course with an emphasis on cultural diversity:

ENG 5030 -- Topics in Women's Studies: Cr. 3
ENG 5035 -- Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies: Cr. 3
ENG 5070 -- Topics in Film and Media: Cr. 4
ENG 5075 -- Topics in New Media: Cr. 3
ENG 5080 -- Topics in Global and Transnational Studies: Cr. 3
ENG 5480 -- Topics in African-American Literature: Cr. 3
ENG 5500 -- Topics in English and American Literature: Cr. 3
ENG 5795 -- Topics in Rhetoric and Writing: Cr. 3
ENG 5860 -- Topics in Creative Writing: Cr. 3

4. In addition to the above requirements, majors must take at least six additional elective courses in English for a minimum of thirty-six credits (forty-six credits maximum). Twelve of these credits must be at the 4000 or 5000 level and include English 4992 (Honors Project, Cr. 3).   No English course below the 2000-level may count toward the English B.A. program.

ENG 4992: The Honors Project. Directed by a professor of the student's choice and normally written during the senior year, the Honors Project is considerably longer than a conventional term paper but shorter than a master's thesis.  It is typically twenty to thirty pages long.  Most of the Honors Projects are substantial studies in literature, new media, cultural studies, or other related area of English. Some Honors Projects have consisted of collections of poetry or fiction with a short introductory essay. Students pursuing both Department and University Honors may use the Departmental project (ENG 4992) to fulfill the University Honors thesis requirement.

5. English 4991, Honors Seminar, Cr. 3 with co-registration in English 5993 (no credit/tuition) fulfills the General Education Writing Intensive requirement.

6. At least one 4200-level interdepartmental Honors Seminar (HON4200 - 4280) as listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Honors-Option: one 5000-level course in the English Honors curriculum must be taken with an Honors-option. Students will arrange for an Honors-option by contracting with a professor teaching a 5000-level English course to do honors-level work in that course, beyond the standard requirements set forth in the syllabus (at least 10% more work). Supplementary work required for the Honors-option might consist of an extra paper, a significantly longer term paper, evidence of additional readings (for example, through journal entries), an oral or written report, or an approved service-learning component (consult http://www.communityengagement.wayne.edu/service-learning/index.php for definitions and guidelines).

To download the honors option form and instructions, go to http://honors.wayne.edu/current/forms.php * Note: Honors Option forms must be approved by Department of English Advisor prior to submission to the Honors College.

To obtain honors project proposal form and instructions, please contact the Department of English Undergraduate Advisor.

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